DSEBD Latest Share Price. Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd Bangladesh dse market price. We have updated the latest Share price on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). www dsebd.org and www dse com bd. Bangladesh Stock market share price in 2021. Today’s Current Stock Price List of Bangladesh Stock Market price update. Today share market price in Dhaka stock exchange dsebd.org.

Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd

As you know, the Dhaka Stock Exchange or DSEBD is the largest and main stock market of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1954. Dhaka Stock Exchange news in Bangladesh. IPO result, in other words, IPO application form, and investor BO account registration.


That is to say, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) located in Motijheel, Dhaka, is one of the two stock exchanges of Bangladesh, and the other one Chittagong Stock Exchange. DSEBD bourse stood at over $46 billion. However, there are a total of 326 companies are registered in this Stock market.


For example, if you buy any secondary share then consequently check the share price list. Most important, the price is higher and the download. The latest share price by Sector, the Textile share price is similar.

Khulna Power Company Limited. Khulna Printing & Packaging Limited. Kattali Textile Limited. LankaBangla Finance Ltd. Legacy Footwear Ltd. LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited. Libra Infusions Limited. Linde Bangladesh Limited. LR Global Bangladesh Mutual Fund One.

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DSE Market Price

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LTP* – Last Traded Price
CLOSEP* – Closing Price
%CHANGE = ((LTP* – YCP)*100/YCP)
YCP* – Yesterday’s Closing Price.

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In the same vein, Bangas Ltd. Bank Asia Ltd. Baraka Power Limited share price in the DSEBD market today. Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited shares info. British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Limited market price www dsebd org. Bay Leasing & Investment Limited. Bangladesh Building Systems Ltd IPO lottery. That is to say, BBS Cables Limited. Bangladesh Autocars Ltd.

Update on 30 August 2021,  Running

1STPRIMFMF 20.52120.42121017011521,972
AAMRANET 50.251.8505051-135014267,742
AAMRATECH 29.730.629.53030-11555179,995
ABB1STMF 7.377.2770219182,408,322
ABBANK 15.215.515151601,075644,175,768
ACFL 44.845.6444445044623527,956
ACI 304305.5299304294101,708113374,010
ACIFORMULA 164.1166.3161.1164162248030183,527
ACMELAB 88.590.1888890-263443483,745
ACTIVEFINE 22.423.322.3222301,038381,688,798
ADNTEL 61.863.161.56263-129927438,895
ADVENT 26.827.426.72727-1889361,316,738
AFCAGRO 30.831.630.13132-151216527,290
AFTABAUTO 37.438.2373737065025665,787
AGNISYSL 23.423.823.32324035113551,909
AGRANINS 58.259.757.35858047520334,632
AIBL1STIMF 9.19.3999073192,176
AIL 42.743.542.64343047420456,527
AL-HAJTEX 62.86561.7636121,42958910,103
ALARABANK 25.826.525.7262602458302,828
ALIF 15.51615.4161601,381905,764,422
ALLTEX 19.821.519.62020049020957,409
AMANFEED 76.176.972.8767242,881326.6434,337,753
AMBEEPHA 451.2458440451437143186.68715,000
AMCL(PRAN) 217.5220211.42182144113314,088
ANLIMAYARN 47.74947.24847061222453,770
ANWARGALV 354.6368.5351355349651969194,595
AOL 61.76560.26264-21,5191041,647,284
APEXFOODS 155.116015115515052795.31534,317
APEXFOOT 231.1234.2230.123123108229,487
APEXSPINN 135.1135.7133.61351333206750,274
APEXTANRY 116.5117.9116116.5115155214,095
APOLOISPAT 12.112.8121213-12,38080.4946,533,015
ARAMIT 348.1365348.1351359-114671747,570
ARAMITCEM 6061.8596060038110160,906
ARGONDENIM 25.326.224.92526-1590301,176,408
ASIAINS 94.89694.4959504319,618
ASIAPACINS 6970.568.56970-129816223,081
ATCSLGF 1313.212.913130332131,024,149
ATLASBANG 123.3124.6123123.21231158537,137
AZIZPIPES 153.9154.1144.9154140142,00381537,241
BANGAS 146.414814214614061,36639269,366
BANKASIA 2020.32020200978408,067
BARKAPOWER 29.429.929.32930085036.7591,247,748
BATASHOE 747.2754.9736747714335482128,417
BATBC 569.9571569.457057002,544153267,766
BAYLEASING 33.634.13333340552471,402,692
BBS 21.722.221.62222029710468,831
BBSCABLES 65.967.365.66667-11,275821,241,636
BDAUTOCA 157.1161.9146.3157147.2101,06237232,057
BDCOM 26.126.726262603029358,149
BDFINANCE 61.161.960.4616015811071,744,304
BDLAMPS 195195.918919518871,05932.394167,518
BDSERVICE 00055-- 000
BDTHAI 27.127.826.92728-11,193642,330,653
BDWELDING 25.1026.8252526-153213511,990
BEACHHATCH 28.8029.30292929038911379,243
BEACONPHAR 204.00207202.50204205-12791676,251
BENGALWTL 30.331.830.33031-133515.064492,842
BERGERPBL 1,774.501,7801,770.501,7751,774012394,883
BEXIMCO 104.6106103.410510412,8391,06610,242,645
BGIC 5859.9575858045522378,139
BIFC 8.58.8999085189,727
BNICL 128.7130122.6129125428023178,028
BPML 51.85249.95251143225477,888
BPPL 45.246.344.7454504,144861,897,030
BRACBANK 47.948.147.74848031325520,905
BSC 48.950.648.648.950-183133672,720
BSCCL 179.6181.9179180179.6074238209,512
BSRMLTD 9595.794.79596-0.759136375,034
BSRMSTEEL 65.56665.16666029211160,927
BXPHARMA 200.2205199200204-41,530177.522879,823
BXSYNTH 00088-- 000
CAPMBDBLMF 12.91312.7131302099679,485
CAPMIBBLMF 20.520.920.5212101225244,618
CENTRALINS 60.36260.26061-181237610,455
CENTRALPHL 19.620.4202020-11,239391,963,793
CITYBANK 28.328.528.12829051225888,410
CITYGENINS 47.949.847.5484801,7071022,108,567
CONFIDCEM 147.4148.8146147149-187175507,362
CONTININS 53.854.752.6545311,8011202,229,711
COPPERTECH 42.443.941.94243057231730,920
CRYSTALINS 60.262566056448038633,911
CVOPRL 186.1193.9184.5186187-12,521118626,563
DACCADYE 26.727.626.52727042316612,282
DAFODILCOM 66.169.7666767-155111,160
DBH 8385.1838385-21,23767803,391
DELTALIFE 135.2139.1134.5135136-195382602,176
DELTASPINN 12.112.612.1121301,194383,116,504
DESCO 41.541.741.2424201865122,308
DESHBANDHU 2121.119.6211922,0771085,275,977
DGIC 48.249.2484848041612240,987
DHAKABANK 14.71514.6151502127502,048
DHAKAINS 77.679.5777878035811134,321
DOMINAGE 29.430.429.22930-164117580,460
DOREENPWR 78.5807678.578191070899,446
DSHGARME 191.319518619118485521370,239
DSSL 21.121.920.921.122-11,447894,202,336
DULAMIACOT 72.4075.170.17268430810132,402
DUTCHBANGL 80.3082.90808083-388034413,658
EASTERNINS 105.70108103.00106105146623222,751
EASTLAND 45.304744.2454412,386185.2984,050,709
EASTRNLUB 1,635.601,6521,614.201,6361,6315307105,827
EBL 37.337.737.23738014912330,828
EBL1STMF 1010.19.710100317262,616,563
EBLNRBMF 77.16.9770365253,549,226
ECABLES 158.4161.5155.1158155471322136,955
EGEN 62.563.862.16363050925389,579
EHL 55.556.955.35656-143118328,671
EIL 38.239.437.53840-21,554761,965,191
EMERALDOIL 31.532.3313233-14499.027287,632
ENVOYTEX 35.735.7353535033114,752
EPGL 53.654.153.15454086935657,204
ESQUIRENIT 37.33937.13738-138016427,446
ETL 12.412.81212130715231,858,812
EXIMBANK 12.91312.813130447352,713,391
FAMILYTEX 5.96.266601,135243,992,500
FARCHEM 15.516.215.31616-11,198402,552,784
FAREASTFIN 9.19.7991001164423,289
FAREASTLIF 6767.564.16766157543643,879
FEDERALINS 41.242.440.4414101,486551,320,122
FEKDIL 16.81716.61717033515902,223
FINEFOODS 57.158.4565755258717301,435
FIRSTSBANK 12.612.912.6131301,153776,116,301
FORTUNE 62.96560.8636121,2131091,727,811
FUWANGCER 23.925242425-11,563813,348,638
FUWANGFOOD 23.323.623232313,08826311,357,126
GBBPOWER 4545.242454329341312,986,837
GEMINISEA 223.1228217.822321595571566,790
GENEXIL 116.8120115.5117119-261837313,314
GENNEXT 7.787.6880972313,959,260
GHAIL 20.521.3202121-1956291,382,868
GHCL 43.344.243434301895118,608
GLOBALINS 60.461.459.96060038918300,274
GOLDENSON 18.519.118.31919050715781,875
GP 361367360361365-467643119,439
GPHISPAT 50.751.550.351510892701,374,765
GQBALLPEN 136.1138.9131136129786727196,409
GRAMEENS2 2121.820.9212101,003823,889,716
GREENDELT 111.2115.4110.5111114-257334300,925
GSPFINANCE 25.426.325.22526-11,4481104,276,032
HAKKANIPUL 82.684.982.2838111,02331375,809
HEIDELBCEM 346.5350337.7345349-2125822,675
HFL 20.520.820.4212101864172,781
HRTEX 76.177.575.17676040918231,679
HWAWELLTEX 43.545.343.54444032133,415
IBNSINA 256258.5255.32582560108623,866
IBP 22.422.722.32223060222955,551
ICB 132.6143.8131.6133136-31,802101727,799
ICBAMCL2ND 11.211.31111110383241,377
ICBEPMF1S1 8.598.2890491177,585
ICBIBANK 6.66.66760336132,008,180
ICBSONALI1 99.1999020040,964
IDLC 65.667.565.56667-21,229971,460,052
IFADAUTOS 56.156.955.95656085048857,147
IFIC 16.316.516161602,35429017,806,073
IFIC1STMF 7.17.2777015781,198,365
IFILISLMF1 77.17770281139,631
ILFSL 10.210.610.110100601262,481,741
IMAMBUTTON 35.438.435.23538-2163249,208
INDEXAGRO 131.3137.9130.6131135-460726197,510
INTECH 38.640.1383939063125627,103
INTRACO 2424.823.824240724341,400,736
IPDC 39.241.938.63941-21,9271493,764,205
ISLAMIBANK 29.229.429292902108271,725
ISLAMICFIN 30.532.529.93133-22,7132778,950,839
ISLAMIINS 6161.860.36161046528463,014
ISNLTD 4646.645.64646027213271,140
ITC 43.243.442.14343124619448,613
JAMUNABANK 22.122.4222222026020920,512
JAMUNAOIL 182.8184.7182182184-175526,320
JANATAINS 57.861.655.9585711,6431803,132,441
JMISMDL 371.1377.536637136565642567,695
JUTESPINN 170.21851701731700219420,085
KARNAPHULI 48.249.247484711,047551,137,969
KAY&QUE 312.231831031231024322166,296
KBPPWBIL 14.71514.71515042412780,448
KDSALTD 59.562.6596061-294560984,451
KEYACOSMET 9.910.29.8101002,76411611,671,323
KOHINOOR 444.8450430445427185311328,803
KPCL 41.942.641.84242075428668,197
KPPL 15.916.2161616038311663,637
KTL 30.932.8303132-11,378722,327,862
LANKABAFIN 40.5041.840.34141-13,0053127,634,149
LEGACYFOOT 72.2074.60727272060520273,744
LHBL 777773.80777434,4706628,718,513
LIBRAINFU 703719700709705-31874.8296,787
LINDEBD 1,388.601,389.601,3761,3881,384411864,120
LRBDL 51.0052.950.75152-11,641771,483,012
LRGLOBMF1 8.508.708.4990260192,225,404
MAKSONSPIN 26.0026.325.70262602,1262439,355,264
MALEKSPIN 353634.9353501,024671,905,647
MARICO 2,3202,336.102,316.502,3202,3200223187,766
MATINSPINN 56.757.656.65757031318309,852
MEGCONMILK 23.326.8232325-23376239,350
MEGHNACEM 82.883.982.58383066559,889
MEGHNALIFE 95.59793.19693398473759,970
MEGHNAPET 31.534.9313233-23288256,039
MERCANBANK 15.71615.616160877483,044,252
MERCINS 53.554.35354540840551,028,612
METROSPIN 33.335.232.83335-21,4951113,266,385
MHSML 24.725.123.4252321,7771144,622,723
MICEMENT 81.183.48181810124668,535
MIDASFIN 21.32321.22122-1674251,149,406
MIRACLEIND 43.344.1434343176430686,118
MIRAKHTER 949693.6949311,4931001,053,302
MITHUNKNIT 2021.3202021-13737321,111
MJLBD 93.393.89293930152775,666
MLDYEING 31.732.431.6323201,424501,551,476
MONNOAGML 727.6734.6718728715136391723,058
MONNOCERA 136.9139.6134.313713431,25447342,306
MONNOFABR 28.428.426.528.42631,521732,599,654
MONOSPOOL 181189.8176.8179186-53801055,172
MPETROLEUM 202203.5200.6202203-12231047,720
MTB 20.921.220.7212101215250,952
NAHEEACP 50.651.250.45151031015304,404
NATLIFEINS 230.4234.2230231233-36327,200
NAVANACNG 40.741.840.44141-1163488,017
NBL 8.398.28901,7749711,640,705
NCCBANK 15.715.91616160331171,066,592
NEWLINE 3030.629.530300286571,906,170
NFML 31.332.231.23132-11,096441,392,795
NHFIL 61.66660.56265-398653837,734
NITOLINS 59.760586059161239653,035
NLI1STMF 0001818-- 000
NORTHERN 337.9342.3325338315231,37241122,120
NORTHRNINS 58.859.7585959038627452,681
NPOLYMAR 70.171.570706912,8591892,686,005
NRBCBANK 27.328.327.12728-11,073551,990,646
NTC 590.2606.6575590564263281118,337
NTLTUBES 111.2113.8107.311110742,7511291,152,761
NURANI 10.710.910.611110553131,217,241
OAL 15.7161616160871281,729,099
OIMEX 26.527.4262727-155920731,694
OLYMPIC 174176.3173174175-166325145,348
ONEBANKLTD 13.613.913.614140532322,313,951
ORIONINFU 93.496.592939121,8811151,221,627
ORIONPHARM 69.771.469.57071-11,7931211,718,669
PADMALIFE 45.846.444464421,325561,251,097
PADMAOIL 222.2224.4221.3222225-283210,892
PAPERPROC 180.4190180180186-64371161,474
PARAMOUNT 87.289878788085638430,853
PDL 15.41615.415160749462,943,627
PENINSULA 23.423.923.3232303188357,278
PEOPLESINS 55.45754.5555511,314741,318,849
PHARMAID 449.1455442449.1440106291943,243
PHENIXINS 66.36864.4666421,21556834,537
PHOENIXFIN 33.134.332.93334-0.9675571,689,956
PIONEERINS 136.8140.6135137138-1861116.764845,207
PLFSL 00033-- 000
POPULAR1MF 77.26.9770419263,765,221
POPULARLIF 9597.594.79596-139515157,360
POWERGRID 56.757.9565758-12,2152434,273,319
PRAGATIINS 91.193.490.59191046236390,060
PRAGATILIF 103.4106.9103103105-12731093,972
PREMIERBAN 14.614.914.615150384221,489,442
PREMIERCEM 82.184.581.38281180834416,367
PREMIERLEA 12.412.812.312130553252,033,017
PRIMEBANK 2323.422.92323029023982,084
PRIMEFIN 16.116.91616.11701,321935,678,502
PRIMEINSUR 55.156.454.95555034313231,852
PRIMELIFE 72.774.872.27373-1183797,298
PRIMETEX 25.225.725252502105211,047
PROGRESLIF 112.9114.9110.2113114-1231980,395
PROVATIINS 18418417318118044917,794
PTL 61.662.460.5625933,4484367,090,121
PUBALIBANK 24.824.925252501233104,450
PURABIGEN 49.751.847.4504731,6541543,064,931
QUASEMIND 54.455.254.15455038327494,187
QUEENSOUTH 3232.931.6323201,318652,030,713
RAHIMAFOOD 353.1353.1330353.1325281,27397281,464
RAHIMTEXT 343.80353.9341344347.3-4173617,477
RAKCERAMIC 46.0046.3044.946451624591,277,887
RANFOUNDRY 140.1143.5138.0014013732351498,092
RDFOOD 4848.7047.64848043422.764473,375
RECKITTBEN 4,475.304,4944,475.304,4814,490-15654965
REGENTTEX 16.0016.7015.81617-1887422,596,759
RELIANCE1 131312.80131301057530,405
RELIANCINS 101103.60100101101029417170,436
RENATA 1,424.701,4351,408.701,4141,41213217139,313
RENWICKJA 1,109.401,1441,1001,1091,102819132,477
REPUBLIC 60.86158615821,4741041,721,577
RINGSHINE 13.814.513.61414-13,35715611,140,722
ROBI 42.543.542.34344-13,0081232,889,983
RSRMSTEEL 32.432.531.93232146320625,793
RUNNERAUTO 64.366.264.16465-152538578,452
RUPALIBANK 33.433.833333403279272,835
RUPALIINS 4546.244454501,029561,239,555
RUPALILIFE 78.479.677.57878048028361,125
SAFKOSPINN 31.532.731.23231083828870,907
SAIFPOWER 30.831.631313104,96554017,311,417
SAIHAMCOT 2020.519.920200594291,428,417
SAIHAMTEX 24.224.724.12424038719773,931
SALAMCRST 33.834.733.63435-127213372,574
SALVOCHEM 51.353.550.85153-21,00350971,040
SAMATALETH 88.59185.88986342112135,864
SAMORITA 77.178.57677.176197335,886
SANDHANINS 41.14240.84141.10806431,044,468
SAPORTL 3030.729.83030-0.347218602,022
SAVAREFR 255.1262255.1256260-59227,319
SBACBANK 22.424.522.32225-218,0241878,183,947
SEAPEARL 41.241.9414141072325.553616,908
SEBL1STMF 0001313-- 000
SEMLFBSLGF 12.812.912.513130529342,659,662
SEMLIBBLSF 11.811.811.7121201214333,334
SEMLLECMF 1313.112.713130384292,251,747
SHAHJABANK 2222.221.2222201133157,995
SHASHADNIM 28.128.9282828045722785,704
SHEPHERD 18.518.71819180355191,046,614
SHURWID 25.926.125262511,680973,807,540
SHYAMPSUG 107114.9105.6107113-6398659,170
SIBL 14.614.814.5151502455367,419
SILCOPHL 32.233.5323233-1624431,333,398
SILVAPHL 22.923.222.72323040418776,098
SIMTEX 23.123.8232324-1794461,966,561
SINGERBD 185.9186.218418618422731372,374
SINOBANGLA 58.660.658.45958049719318,431
SKTRIMS 4242.741.94243-181432753,359
SONALIANSH 485.4495473.9485470161,1183469,364
SONALILIFE 68.771.467.76971-22,35543615,609
SONALIPAPR 369.7375.8360.1370360107372464,427
SONARBAINS 83.985.983.28484063429345,583
SONARGAON 27.329262726152415531,808
SOUTHEASTB 16.516.61717170308221,353,747
SPCERAMICS 35.336.835.23536-11,261541,519,998
SPCL 113.8115.710711410774,0014063,649,363
SQUARETEXT 48.248.547.648481925113,080
SQURPHARMA 228.7230228229229-11,14169300,015
SSSTEEL 23.523.923242401,793843,575,599
STANCERAM 234.224023323423225001771,138
STANDARINS 94.59693.89594059963664,867
STANDBANKL 10.210.31010.2100822323,142,294
STYLECRAFT 185.5188.9184.218618141,12831165,742
SUMITPOWER 46.847.346.6474701,003591,254,873
SUNLIFEINS 35.936.534.7363601655131,601
TAKAFULINS 57.65957.2585801628140,902
TALLUSPIN 11.412.211.31112-14118.529737,089
TAMIJTEX 94.59590.895905135437,835
TAUFIKA 34.735.234.135341791471,348,547
TITASGAS 45.64745.145.646-1993711,546,838
TOSRIFA 19.9020.219.6202001767345,619
TRUSTB1MF 7.507.607.5880339172,281,871
TRUSTBANK 34.534.934.5353501374116,331
TUNGHAI 77.67.207802955727,098
UCB 171716.41717037412.56759,866
UNILEVERCL 2,8002,8252,7962,8002,807-710162,091
UNIONCAP 12.312.812.2121301,018503,998,833
UNIQUEHRL 44.14543.94445-11797153,983
UNITEDFIN 25.927.225.72627-11,3721003,786,182
UNITEDINS 68.569.7676967152422321,551
UPGDCL 290.6294289.8291292-157435120,170
USMANIAGL 71747071701198450,617
UTTARABANK 25.1025252525033914572,280
UTTARAFIN 4546.20454547-23079196,287
VAMLBDMF1 1010.210101001576.888687,466
VAMLRBBF 99.29990581157,045
VFSTDL 27.0027.602727270573291,059,285
WALTONHIL 1,386.101,3931,380.101,386.101,391-57252618,999
WATACHEM 311.3313308308.730744851756,160
WMSHIPYARD 16.216.816.116.216.601,181593,569,726
YPL 15.916.215.715.915.70.2506181,154,727
ZAHEENSPIN 11.51211.411.511.7-0.2386121,003,382
ZAHINTEX 10.510.810.410.510.8-0.33069836,660
ZEALBANGLA 166.2170165.7166.2169.4-3.21481.79910,752

Stock market price list

BDCOM Online Ltd IPO result pdf download. Similarly, Bangladesh Finance and Investment Co.Ltd DSEBD market price. Bangladesh Lamps Limited. Bangladesh Services Ltd Dhaka stock exchange. Bd Thai Aluminum Ltd’s latest share price updated. Bangladesh Welding Electrodes Ltd market info.

Beach Hatchery Ltd. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited. Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Ltd. Likewise, Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd shares market news. During Bangladesh Export Import Company Ltd market Dsebd org. Meanwhile, Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd publishes its IPO application.

Certainly, Bangladesh Industrial Fin. Co. Ltd market price. Bangladesh National Insurance Company Limited share market price today. Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited today’s stock market price.

Dhaka stock exchange news

For example, BRAC Bank Ltd DSE share price update. Bangladesh Shipping Corporation. Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited Dhaka Stock Exchange price update. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited. BSRM Steels Limited. Also, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Beximco Synthetics Ltd share market price info.

However, Olympic Accessories Limited. Oimex Electrode Limited. Olympic Industries Ltd. One Bank Limited. Orion Infusion Ltd. Orion Pharma Ltd.

On the other hand, the CAPM BDBL Mutual Fund IPO result pdf. CAPM IBBL Islamic Mutual Fund market price. Central Insurance Company Ltd share market price. Central Pharmaceuticals Limited DSE price list. The City Bank Ltd.

City General Insurance Co. Ltd DSE share price in the market. C & A Textiles Limited. Confidence Cement Ltd. Continental Insurance Ltd. DSEBD share price, Coppertech Industries Limited today market price information. CVO Petrochemical Refinery Limited.

Top 20 Shares by Value

Update on 30 August 2021, 10:05

BEXIMCO 104.61061031041052,8391,06610,242,645
LHBL 76.9777474774,4706628,718,513
SAIFPOWER 30.8323131314,96554017,311,417
PTL 61.6626159623,4484367,090,121
SPCL 113.8115.71071071144,0014063,649,363
AMANFEED 76.1777372762,8813274,337,753
LANKABAFIN 40.5424041413,0053127,634,149
IFIC 16.3171616162,35429017,806,073
ISLAMICFIN 30.5333033312,7132778,950,839
FUWANGFOOD 23.3242323233,08826311,357,126
MAKSONSPIN 26262626262,1262439,355,264
POWERGRID 56.7585658572,2152434,273,319
NPOLYMAR 70.1727069702,8591892,686,005
SBACBANK 22.424.522252218,0241878,183,947
EASTLAND 45.3474444452,3861854,050,709
JANATAINS 57.861.65657581,6431803,132,441
BXPHARMA 200.2204.81992042001,530178879,823
RINGSHINE 13.8151414143,35715611,140,722
PURABIGEN 49.751.84747501,6541543,064,931
BATBC 569.95715695705702,544153267,766

The Dacca Dyeing & Manufacturing Co.Ltd. Daffodil Computers Ltd. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corp. Ltd. DBH First Mutual Fund. Aramit Cement Ltd. Bangladesh Luggage Ind. Ltd. BD Welding Electrodes Ltd. Bangladesh Zipper Ind. Ltd. Beximco Denims Ltd. Beximco Fisheries Ltd. Beximco Knitting Ltd. Beximco Textiles Ltd. Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. Delta Spinners Ltd.

Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. “DSEBD” price Deshbandhu Polymer Limited. Dhaka Bank Ltd. Dhaka Insurance Limited. Dominage Steel Building Systems Limited. Doreen Power Generations and Systems Limited. Desh Garments Ltd. Dragon Sweater and Spinning Limited. Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.

Eastern Insurance Company Ltd. Eastland Insurance Company Ltd. Eastern Lubricants Ltd. Eastern Bank Ltd. EBL First Mutual Fund. EBL NRB Mutual Fund, Eastern Cables Ltd. Eastern Housing Limited.

Today DSEBD share price Express Insurance Limited. Emerald Oil Industries Ltd. Envoy Textiles Limited. Esquire Knit Composite Limited. Evince Textiles Limited. EXIM Bank 1st Mutual Fund. Export-Import (Exim) Bank of Bangladesh Limited.

Top 20 Shares by Volume

Update on 30 August 2021, 10:05

IFIC 16.316.51616.416.32354290.16817806073
SAIFPOWER 30.831.630.530.730.84965540.13517311417
KEYACOSMET 9.910.29.810.19.92764116.4211671323
FUWANGFOOD 23.323.622.622.823.33088262.74511357126
RINGSHINE 13.814.513.614.313.83357156.10111140722
BEXIMCO 104.6105.5103.4104.1104.628391065.82610242645
MAKSONSPIN 2626.325.725.8262126243.149355264
ISLAMICFIN 30.532.529.932.530.52713277.3848950839
LHBL 76.97773.873.676.94470661.8588718513
SBACBANK 22.424.522.324.622.418024186.5398183947
LANKABAFIN 40.541.840.341.440.53005312.1377634149
PTL 61.662.460.559.161.63448436.0567090121
APOLOISPAT 12.112.81212.612.1238080.4946533015
FIRSTSBANK 12.612.912.612.812.6115377.4816116301
ALIF 15.51615.415.815.5138190.1195764422
PRIMEFIN 16.116.91616.516.1132193.3885678502
DESHBANDHU 2121.119.619.4212077108.2985275977

Familytex (BD) Limited. Far Chemical Industries Limited. Fareast Finance & Investment Limited. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. FAS Finance & Investment Limited. First Bangladesh Fixed Income Fund. Federal Insurance Company Ltd. Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Limited. Fine Foods Limited.

First Finance Limited. First Security Islami Bank Limited. Fortune Shoes Limited. Fu-Wang Ceramic Industries Ltd. Fu Wang Food Ltd.GBB Power Ltd. Gemini Sea Food Ltd. Genex Infosys Limited. Generation Next Fashions Limited. Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. Global Heavy Chemicals Limited. Global Insurance Company Ltd. Golden Son Ltd. Grameenphone Ltd.

GPH Ispat Ltd. GQ Ball Pen Industries Ltd. Grameen One: Scheme Two. Green Delta Mutual Fund. Green Delta Insurance Ltd. GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) Limited.

Top 20 Shares by Trade

Update on 30 August 2021, 10:05

SBACBANK 22.424.522.324.622.418024186.5398183947
SAIFPOWER 30.831.630.530.730.84965540.13517311417
LHBL 76.97773.873.676.94470661.8588718513
BPPL 45.246.344.744.845.2414486.2981897030
SPCL 113.8115.7107106.9113.84001405.7083649363
PTL 61.662.460.559.161.63448436.0567090121
RINGSHINE 13.814.513.614.313.83357156.10111140722
FUWANGFOOD 23.323.622.622.823.33088262.74511357126
ROBI 42.543.542.343.542.53008123.2322889983
LANKABAFIN 40.541.840.341.440.53005312.1377634149
AMANFEED 76.176.972.872.176.12881326.6434337753
NPOLYMAR 70.171.569.56970.12859188.9792686005
BEXIMCO 104.6105.5103.4104.1104.628391065.82610242645
KEYACOSMET 9.910.29.810.19.92764116.4211671323
NTLTUBES 111.2113.8107.3107111.22751128.6361152761
ISLAMICFIN 30.532.529.932.530.52713277.3848950839
BATBC 569.9571569.4569.6569.92544152.607267766
CVOPRL 186.1193.9184.5187.4186.12521118.423626563
EASTLAND 45.34744.244.245.32386185.2984050709
APOLOISPAT 12.112.81212.612.1238080.4946533015

However, Hakkani Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. Hamid Fabrics Limited. H.R.Textile Ltd. Hwa Well Textiles (BD) Limited. IBBL Mudaraba Perpetual Bond. The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals Limited. Investment Corporation Of Bangladesh.

ICB AMCL Third NRB Mutual Fund. ICB AMCL First Agrani Bank Mutual Fund. ICB AMCL Second Mutual Fund. ICB Employees Provident MF 1: Scheme 1. ICB Islamic Bank Limited. ICB AMCL Sonali Bank Limited 1st Mutual Fund.

DSEBD Top 10 Shares

IDLC Finance Ltd dse market price. IFAD Autos Limited IFIC Bank Ltd. IFIC Bank 1st Mutual Fund. IFIL Islamic Mutual Fund-1. International Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. Imam Button Industries Ltd.)

INTECH (Intech Limited. Intraco Refueling Station Limited. IPDC Finance Limited. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Islamic Finance & Investment Ltd. Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited. Information Services Network Ltd. IT Consultants Limited.

Jamuna Bank Ltd. Jamuna Oil Company Limited. Janata Insurance Company Ltd. JMI Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. Jute Spinners Ltd. Karnaphuli Insurance Company Ltd. Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd. Khan Brothers PP Woven Bag Industries Limited. KDS Accessories Limited. Keya Cosmetics Ltd. Kohinoor Chemicals Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.

DSEBD Latest Market Price

Maksons Spinning Mills Limited. Malek Spinning Mills Ltd. Marico Bangladesh Limited. Matin Spinning Mills Ltd. MBL 1st Mutual Fund. Meghna Condensed Milk Industries Ltd. Meghna Cement Mills Ltd. Meghna Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Meghna Pet Industries Ltd. Mercantile Bank Ltd. Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd.

Metro Spinning Ltd. Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Ltd. M.I. Cement Factory Limited. MIDAS Financing Ltd. Miracle Industries Ltd. Mithun Knitting and Dyeing Ltd. MJL Bangladesh Limited. M.L. Dyeing Limited. Monno Agro & General Machinery Limited. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd. Meghna Petroleum Limited. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

Therefore, Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd dse market price. National Life Insurance Company Ltd. Navana CNG Limited. National Bank Ltd. National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. NCCBL Mutual Fund-1. New Line Clothings Limited. National Feed Mill Limited. National Housing Fin. and Inv. Ltd. Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd.

NLI First Mutual Fund. Northern Jute Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Northern Islami Insurance Limited. National Polymer Industries Ltd. National Tea Company Ltd. National Tubes Limited dse market price. Nurani Dyeing & Sweater Limited.

New Issues IPO

That is to say, Padma Islami Life Insurance Limited. Padma Oil Co. Ltd. Paramount Insurance Company Ltd. Pacific Denims Limited. The Peninsula Chittagong Limited. Peoples Insurance Company Ltd. Phoenix Finance 1st Mutual Fund. Pharma Aids. Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

However, Phoenix Finance and Investments Ltd. PHP First Mutual Fund. Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd. Peoples Leasing and Fin. Services Ltd. Popular Life First Mutual Fund. Popular Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. Pragati Insurance Ltd.

Most importantly, Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. Premier Bank Ltd dse market price. Premier Cement Mills Limited. Premier Leasing & Finance Limited. Prime Bank 1st ICB AMCL Mutual Fund. Prime Bank Ltd. Prime Finance & Investment Ltd. Prime Insurance Company Ltd. Prime Islami Life Insurance Ltd.

Quasem Industries Ltd. Queen South Textile Mills Limited. Rahim Textile Mills Ltd. RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited. Rangpur Foundry Ltd. Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser(Bd.)Ltd. Regent Textile Mills Limited. Reliance One the first scheme of Reliance Insurance Mutual Fund.

Prime Textile Spinning Mills Limited. Progressive Life Insurance Co. Ltd dse market price. Provati Insurance Company Limited. Paramount Textile Limited. Pubali Bank Ltd. Purabi Gen. Insurance Company Ltd.

Reliance Insurance Ltd. Renata Ltd. Renwick Jajneswar & Co (Bd) Ltd. Republic Insurance Company Limited. Ring Shine Textiles Limited. R.N. Spinning Mills Limited. Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited. Runner Automobiles Limited. Rupali Bank Ltd. Rupali Insurance Company Ltd. Rupali Life Insurance Company Limited.

DSEBD Market Price

By the way, Safko Spinnings Mills Ltd. SAIF Powertec Limited. Saiham Cotton Mills Limited. Saiham Textile Mills Ltd. S. Alam Cold Rolled Steels Ltd. Salvo Chemical Industry Limited. Samata Leather Complex Ltd. Samorita Hospital Limited. Sandhani Life Insurance Company Ltd DSEBD price update. Summit Alliance Port Limited. Savar Refractories Limited. Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Limited. Southeast Bank 1st Mutual Fund. SEML FBLSL Growth Fund.

SEML IBBL Shariah Fund. SEML Lecture Equity Management Fund. Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. Shasha Denims Limited. Shepherd Industries Limited. Shurwid Industries Limited. Shyampur Sugar Mills Ltd.

Yeakin Polymer Limited. Zaheen Spinning Limited. Zahintex Industries Limited. Zeal Bangla Sugar Mills Ltd. First Janata Bank Mutual Fund. Prime Finance First Mutual Fund.


Social Islami Bank Limited. Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited. Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited. Simtex Industries Limited. Singer Bangladesh Limited. Sinobangla Industries Ltd. SK Trims & Industries Limited.

However, Sonali Aansh Industries Limited. dse market price Sonali Paper & Board Mills Ltd. Sonar Bangla Insurance Ltd. Sonargaon Textiles Ltd. Southeast Bank Ltd. Shinepukur Ceramics Limited. Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd. Square Textile Ltd. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

S. Steel Limited. Standard Ceramic Industries Ltd. Standard Insurance Limited. Standard Bank Limited. Stylecraft Limited, Summit Power Limited, Sunlife Insurance Company Limited.

DSEBD Trade Price

Finally, United Commercial Bank Ltd market price. Unilever Consumer Care Limited Trade news in the stock market. Union Capital Limited share market price. Unique Hotel & Resorts Limited. United Airways (BD) Ltd. United Finance Limited. United Insurance Ltd.

United Power Generation & Distribution Company Ltd. Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited. Uttara Bank Limited. Uttara Finance and Investments Limited share price in Dhaka Stock Exchange www dsebd org.

On the other hand, Vanguard AML BD Finance Mutual Fund One IPO lottery result. Vanguard AML Rupali Bank Balanced Fund. VFS Thread Dyeing Limited. dse market price Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd Dhaka Stock Exchange share price. Wata Chemicals Limited Western Marine Shipyard Limited market price.

In Conclusion

However, the Dhaka Stock Exchange is open for trading Sunday through Thursday between 10:00 am – 2:30 pm, with the exception of holidays declared by the Dhaka Stock Exchange. In the month of Ramadan, the DSE exchange is open for trading between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm subsequently.

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