We are a company that makes community, and algorithmic trading easy, intuitive, and fun. We provide our users with an indicator that gives you suggested entry and exit signals in real-time. Our indicator is based on a highly complex algorithm that can turn your trading ideas into high probability outcomes.


Vision wants to turn group and individual trading for stocks, forex, futures, and crypto into the easiest and most effective type of algo-trading you can find. Our indicator has been designed with care, as we wanted to make community and algorithmic trading useful and approachable to everyone.

Vision News

Powered by reliable data partners such as Benzinga, youll receive the latest news and information on why a security is moving.

Live Trading

Live Day Trading, Live Forex Trading.

Premium Signals

Options Signals, Swing Trade Signals, Day Trading Signals &


Pro Trader Q&A, Community chats for all trading types.

What Do You Get From Vision?

A Friendly Trading Community Coupled
With A Power Trading Indicator.

  • Bullish suggested signals
  • Bearish suggested Signals
  • Trading Experience Settings (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
  • Market strength indicator (Drift)
  • Auto stop loss suggestion
  • Mobile & Desktop alerts for all suggested signals

Who Should Use Vision?

Algorithmic trading keeps gaining traction and is likely to increase even further in the days to come. It reached its largest share in North America in 2017 and is expected to keep its dominance by at least 2026. What’s more, it accounts for as much as 60% to 73% of all equity trading in the US.

This means that most investors should start using algorithmic trading charts and algo-trading as soon as possible if they want to reap the benefits.

But Who Exactly Should Use It?

Short-term traders

Short-term traders like market makers, arbitrageurs, and many smaller traders can benefit from algorithmic trading charts.

Mid and long-term investors

Day Traders, swing traders, forex traders, futures
traders, crypto traders.

Premium Trading Community

  • Day Trading Scanner & Signals
  • Benzinga News
  • Benzinga Why It’s Moving
  • Options Signals
  • Premium Swing Trading Signals
  • Watchlists
  • Trader Help Channel
  • Individual Chats for all types of trading (options, crypto, swing trading, forex, otc, futures, auto trading bots, and more!)

Vision Algorithmic
Indicator + Community

  • Runs on the popular TradingView charting platform as an indicator
  • Add Vision to any chart you choose, with any timeframe you choose
  • Bullish & Bearish Suggested Signals
  • Take Profit Suggested Signals
  • Trading Experience Settings
  • Integrated Market Strength Indicator
  • Auto stop loss suggestion
  • Custom configure alerts for all suggested signals
  • Works on Mobile & Desktop

REQUIRED: You must have at minimal the free tradingview account to utilize the Vision indicator.”

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making profits with algorithmic trading!


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