- India latest gold price in various cities of India as Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

Live Gold Price across various cities in India. We provide; 24,22,18,14,10 karats gold price per gram, per kg and per ounce.

India Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live provides gold price today in India. Gold rates per gram 24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

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Today: 31 August 2021 Gold Price in India gold


gold GRAMS IndiaGold Price per Gram [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 GRAM GOLD 24K4,269.054,277.524,256.2311.82
GRAM 22K 3,918.993,926.763,907.2210.85
GRAM 21K 3,735.423,742.833,724.2010.35
GRAM 18K3,201.793,208.143,192.178.87
GRAM 14K2,497.402,502.352,489.896.92
GRAM 10K1,780.201,783.721,774.854.93
GRAM 6K1,067.261,069.381,064.062.96


gold OUNCES India Gold Price per Ounce [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 OUNCE 24K132,767.54133,030.78132,368.64367.74
OUNCE 22K 121,880.60122,122.25121,514.42337.59
OUNCE 21K 116,171.60116,401.93115,822.56321.78
OUNCE 18K99,575.6699,773.0899,276.48275.81
OUNCE 14K77,669.0177,823.0077,435.66215.13
OUNCE 10K55,364.0655,473.8355,197.72153.35
OUNCE 6K33,191.8933,257.6933,092.1691.94


gold KILOS India Gold Price per Kg [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K4,269,052.774,277,516.954,256,226.5211,824.56
KILOGRAM 22K 3,918,990.443,926,760.563,907,215.9510,854.95
KILOGRAM 18K3,201,789.583,208,137.713,192,169.898,868.42
KILOGRAM 14K2,497,395.872,502,347.412,489,892.526,917.37
KILOGRAM 10K1,780,195.001,783,724.571,774,846.464,930.84
KILOGRAM 6K1,067,263.191,069,379.241,064,056.632,956.14


gold TOLAS India Gold Price per Tola [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 TOLA GOLD 24K49,793.3849,892.1049,643.77137.92
TOLA 22K 45,710.3245,800.9545,572.99126.61
TOLA 18K37,345.0337,419.0837,232.83103.44
TOLA 14K29,129.1329,186.8829,041.6180.68
TOLA 10K20,763.8420,805.0120,701.4557.51
TOLA 6K12,448.3412,473.0312,410.9434.48

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