Faith Driven Investor Summit in Deer Valley, Utah

What started as a small gathering of 30 leaders in the Faith Driven Community grew into a overflowing room of 175 investors, fund managers, pastors and leaders passionate about what God is doing. It was so encouraging to hear ideas about content, future events and ideas like developing communities and evaluating deals together to advance the kingdom ... If youd like to see a few pictures you can view them here.

Theres no way we can summarize them in one email, which is why we wanted this website was created for those conversations to continue. This site is very much in its beta form, but we hope that its something that youll be proud of and want to share with friends. In the coming weeks well be adding blog posts with slides and notes from many of the speakers. Well also continue to update the Asset Map that captures who is serving in this movement and were planning to process the input on the Unifying Principles and have an updated version up by the end of August. Were grateful for pastoral friends like Chip Ingram, Tom Nelson, Toby Kurth who have offered to provide theological leading to many of the things we discussed as the conversation continues. We also know that many smaller working groups might spring out of this for different spaces or to tackle some of the Areas Where Action is Required. Which is one of the reason’s why on the homepage you’ll notice we’ve begun to organize around different working groups. While things are fresh we wanted to highlight a few tangible ways wed invite you continue to shape the conversation and lead out as a voice in the movement.

  • Encourage Others to Join the Conversation - If you know friends who want to join the conversation but couldnt attend the event we encourage them to sign up for a monthly newsletter where we’re going to bring the best podcasts, articles, videos into one place. As someone passionate about this space I added you to this list, but please feel free to unsubscribe at any point.

  • Listen to the First 4 Versions of the Podcast - Weve got four beta episodes well be releasing over the next two months. Pete Kelly unpacks how Apartment Life is making both a Spiritual Impact and delivering a greater Financial Return. Trae Stephens talks about this idea of Abundance vs. Scarcity and Competition vs. Creation through the lens of Scripture. Christeen Rico talks about how Faith Communities are Strengthening Culture and Companies at Dropbox, Facebook, Intuit, Google and Frank Chen talks about being a Servant Leader to the Entrepreneurs they work with at Andreesen Horowitz.

  • Share Your Thoughts and Thoughts Shaping You - This week on the blog we shared the prayer that Mats Tunehag shared with us at the event. Would encourage you to check that out and let it recalibrate your heart as you start your week. Please send us posts, articles, videos and sermons at this intersection that youve written or share what is shaping you so we can share with others.

Well continue to keep you updated about future gatherings, one way is to spotlight work God is already doing to bring together this community. I know many friends in this space are planning to be at the Christian Investment Forum that John Siverling hosts August 14-16 in Asheville, North Carolina and wed encourage you to check it out.

Grateful to be on this Journey with you.

The Faith Driven Investor Team

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