1 troy ounce gold Krugerrand coin

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Gold Krugerrand coins are minted by the Rand Refinery in South Africa. The Krugerrand is the best known gold bullion coin worldwide. Krugerrand coins are minted in 22kt fine gold and traded for their gold value.

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The Krugerrand is a South African gold coin, minted in 91,67% fine gold. The gold Krugerrand is introduced in 1967 to market Sout Afrikan gold bullion. Gold Krugerrand coins are the worlds most recognized gold bullion coins and followed by its success other countries started minting gold bullion coins as well. Gold Krugerrand coins are struck in 22 carats gold. The coins weight 33,93 grams and these coins contains 1 troy ounce fine gold.

Krugerrand coins

At the obverse the Krugerrand depicts President Paul Kruger. Also the text Sud-Afrika - South Africa is mentioned. At the reverse a springbok antelope is portrayed. The year of issue is also mentioned on the reverse of this gold coin.

Gold Krugerrand coins are very popular. By 1980, when there were no many other gold bullion coins, it accounted for 90% of the total quantity of gold bullion coins available. During 2008, over 46 million ounces of gold Krugerrand coins were sold. The most popular of all is the 1 ounce edition, but Krugerrand coins are also issued in 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 troy ounce gold.

Due to the copper alloy the survace of the coin is more orange than silver-alloyed gold coins. Copper strenghtens the gold though, where gold is a relative vulnerable material. We offer gold Krugerrand coins in capsules to protect the coins from scratches. We offer Krugerrand coins from various years.

All gold troy ounce Krugerrand coins are packed in a plastic coin cover.

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