Introduction from Mahendra Kumar K., Chief Financial Officer Tube Investments


Cash flow when you want it

Offer Tube Investments a discount on your approved invoices to get them paid early.

On demand

Available whenever you need to improve cash flow or view approved invoices

Complete control

Choose which invoices to discount and at what rate

How the program works


Sign up for free

Create your account


Select invoices and set your rate

When you need funding, review available invoices and choose a discount to offer.


Get paid early

Once your offer is accepted by Tube Investments, you will receive payment in as little as 24 hours.

Early payment program success stories


C2FO is the way to go!

Weve had a positive experience since day one using C2FO. Our representative has been helpful and has always responded to any questions about the program immediately....



Our company has been working with C2FO…

Our company has been working with C2FO for about three years. C2FO representatives are extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and have aided in keeping our company on track...



Exceeded My Expectations.

C2FO customer service was above average from the very beginning of the relationship. I was able to setup a call and speak to an actual person within 30 minutes of creating my account...

T. Watt

Great, 8.4 out of 10.


Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Getting started takes less than five minutes. Register your account and provide your Tube Investments Vendor ID (often found on invoices).

How do I receive payment?

Once your offer is accepted by Tube Investments, payment is delivered using your current payment method.

Why would I use C2FO?

Companies use C2FO because it’s faster, easier, and provides a lower cost of capital than other sources of funding.

Why is Tube Investments offering this program?

Enterprises that want healthy supply chains use C2FO to give their partners an easy way to access the cash flow needed to run and grow their businesses.

About C2FO

C2FO is the technology provider behind Tube Investments Early Payment Program. The C2FO platform provides a secure portal to request early invoice payments on demand.

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