Wednesday, 1 September 2021


Country: United Kingdom
Long Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Abbreviations: UK, GBR
Capital: London
Time Zones: 1 (Main Country)
Total Time Zones: 10 (with dependencies)
Dial Code: +44

Time Zone in United Kingdom

Time in Dependencies of United Kingdom

DependencyTypeExample CityTime
AnguillaOverseas territoryThe ValleyWed 12:24
BermudaOverseas territoryHamiltonWed 13:24
British Indian Ocean TerritoryOverseas territoryDiego GarciaWed 22:24
British Virgin IslandsOverseas territoryRoad TownWed 12:24
Cayman IslandsOverseas territoryGeorge TownWed 11:24
Falkland IslandsOverseas territoryStanleyWed 13:24
GibraltarOverseas territoryGibraltarWed 18:24
GuernseyCrown dependencySt. Peter PortWed 17:24
Isle of ManCrown dependencyDouglasWed 17:24
JerseyCrown dependencySaint HelierWed 17:24
MontserratOverseas territoryBradesWed 12:24
Pitcairn IslandsOverseas territoryAdamstownWed 08:24
Saint HelenaOverseas territoryJamestownWed 16:24
South Georgia/Sandwich Is.Overseas territoryKing Edward PointWed 14:24
Turks and Caicos IslandsOverseas territoryCockburn TownWed 12:24

Current Local Time in Locations in United Kingdom with Links for More Information (210 Locations)

Aberdeen *Wed 17:24Exeter *Wed 17:24Oldham *Wed 17:24
Aberystwyth *Wed 17:24Falkirk *Wed 17:24Omagh *Wed 17:24
Alnwick *Wed 17:24Fauldhouse *Wed 17:24Oxford *Wed 17:24
Armagh *Wed 17:24Faversham *Wed 17:24Penrith *Wed 17:24
Aylesbury *Wed 17:24Felixstowe *Wed 17:24Penzance *Wed 17:24
Bangor *Wed 17:24Fort William *Wed 17:24Perth *Wed 17:24
Barnsley *Wed 17:24Fraserburgh *Wed 17:24Peterborough *Wed 17:24
Basildon *Wed 17:24Gillingham *Wed 17:24Pitlochry *Wed 17:24
Bath *Wed 17:24Glasgow *Wed 17:24Plymouth *Wed 17:24
Bedford *Wed 17:24Glastonbury *Wed 17:24Poole *Wed 17:24
Belfast *Wed 17:24Gloucester *Wed 17:24Portree *Wed 17:24
Berwick-upon-Tweed *Wed 17:24Great Yarmouth *Wed 17:24Portsmouth *Wed 17:24
Bicester *Wed 17:24Greenwich Borough *Wed 17:24Preston *Wed 17:24
Bideford *Wed 17:24Grimsby *Wed 17:24Prestwick *Wed 17:24
Birmingham *Wed 17:24Guildford *Wed 17:24Reading *Wed 17:24
Blackburn *Wed 17:24Hartlepool *Wed 17:24Ripon *Wed 17:24
Blackpool *Wed 17:24Harwich *Wed 17:24Romsey *Wed 17:24
Blandford Forum *Wed 17:24Hastings *Wed 17:24Rotherham *Wed 17:24
Bodmin *Wed 17:24Hatfield *Wed 17:24Runcorn *Wed 17:24
Bolton *Wed 17:24Haywards Heath *Wed 17:24Salford *Wed 17:24
Bournemouth *Wed 17:24Hereford *Wed 17:24Salisbury *Wed 17:24
Bracknell *Wed 17:24Hexham *Wed 17:24Sheffield *Wed 17:24
Bradford *Wed 17:24High Wycombe *Wed 17:24Shrewsbury *Wed 17:24
Brentwood *Wed 17:24Hinckley *Wed 17:24Silverstone *Wed 17:24
Bridlington *Wed 17:24Hitchin *Wed 17:24Skegness *Wed 17:24
Brighton *Wed 17:24Holyhead *Wed 17:24Skelmersdale *Wed 17:24
Bristol *Wed 17:24Horsham *Wed 17:24Slough *Wed 17:24
Bromley *Wed 17:24Huddersfield *Wed 17:24Solihull *Wed 17:24
Burnley *Wed 17:24Hugh Town *Wed 17:24Southampton *Wed 17:24
Bury *Wed 17:24Huntingdon *Wed 17:24Southend-on-Sea *Wed 17:24
Camberley *Wed 17:24Inverness *Wed 17:24St Andrews *Wed 17:24
Cambridge *Wed 17:24Ipswich *Wed 17:24St Davids *Wed 17:24
Canterbury *Wed 17:24Jarrow *Wed 17:24St Helens *Wed 17:24
Canvey Island *Wed 17:24Kelso *Wed 17:24Stafford *Wed 17:24
Cardiff *Wed 17:24Kendal *Wed 17:24Stevenage *Wed 17:24
Carlisle *Wed 17:24Kettering *Wed 17:24Stirling *Wed 17:24
Caversham *Wed 17:24Kings Lynn *Wed 17:24Stockport *Wed 17:24
Chatham *Wed 17:24Kingston upon Hull *Wed 17:24Stoke-on-Trent *Wed 17:24
Chatteris *Wed 17:24Kirkwall (Orkney Islands) *Wed 17:24Stornoway *Wed 17:24
Chelmsford *Wed 17:24Lancaster *Wed 17:24Sudbury *Wed 17:24
Cheltenham *Wed 17:24Launceston *Wed 17:24Sunderland *Wed 17:24
Chesham *Wed 17:24Leeds *Wed 17:24Sutton Coldfield *Wed 17:24
Chester *Wed 17:24Leicester *Wed 17:24Swanage *Wed 17:24
Chesterfield *Wed 17:24Lerwick (Shetland Islands) *Wed 17:24Swansea *Wed 17:24
Chichester *Wed 17:24Lichfield *Wed 17:24Swindon *Wed 17:24
Clacton-on-Sea *Wed 17:24Lincoln *Wed 17:24Tamworth *Wed 17:24
Cleethorpes *Wed 17:24Lindisfarne *Wed 17:24Taunton *Wed 17:24
Clitheroe *Wed 17:24Lisburn *Wed 17:24Telford *Wed 17:24
Coatbridge *Wed 17:24Liverpool *Wed 17:24Thornton-Cleveleys *Wed 17:24
Colchester *Wed 17:24London *Wed 17:24Truro *Wed 17:24
Colwyn Bay *Wed 17:24Londonderry *Wed 17:24Uckfield *Wed 17:24
Coventry *Wed 17:24Loughborough *Wed 17:24Uxbridge *Wed 17:24
Craigavon *Wed 17:24Loughton *Wed 17:24Wakefield *Wed 17:24
Crawley *Wed 17:24Lowestoft *Wed 17:24Walsall *Wed 17:24
Croydon *Wed 17:24Luton *Wed 17:24Warrington *Wed 17:24
Darlington *Wed 17:24Maidstone *Wed 17:24Watford *Wed 17:24
Dartmouth *Wed 17:24Manchester *Wed 17:24Wellingborough *Wed 17:24
Derby *Wed 17:24Market Harborough *Wed 17:24West Bromwich *Wed 17:24
Doncaster *Wed 17:24Middlesbrough *Wed 17:24Weston-Super-Mare *Wed 17:24
Dover *Wed 17:24Milton Keynes *Wed 17:24Weymouth *Wed 17:24
Dudley *Wed 17:24Minehead *Wed 17:24Whitstable *Wed 17:24
Dumbarton *Wed 17:24Morpeth *Wed 17:24Winchester *Wed 17:24
Dundee *Wed 17:24Newcastle upon Tyne *Wed 17:24Witney *Wed 17:24
Dunfermline *Wed 17:24Newport *Wed 17:24Wokingham *Wed 17:24
Durham *Wed 17:24Newport (Isle of Wight) *Wed 17:24Wolverhampton *Wed 17:24
Eastbourne *Wed 17:24Newtown *Wed 17:24Worcester *Wed 17:24
Edinburgh *Wed 17:24Northampton *Wed 17:24Worthing *Wed 17:24
Ely *Wed 17:24Norwich *Wed 17:24Yatton *Wed 17:24
Enfield *Wed 17:24Nottingham *Wed 17:24Yeovil *Wed 17:24
Epsom *Wed 17:24Oban *Wed 17:24York *Wed 17:24

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time

United Kingdom


Wednesday, 1 September 2021


  • London Heathrow Airport, LHR
  • London Gatwick Airport, LGW
  • Manchester Airport, MAN
  • London Stansted Airport, STN
  • Birmingham International Airport, West Midlands, BHX
  • London Luton Airport, LTN

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