Want to Invest in US Stock Market, Here is How?

The trading app comes with analytical tools like advance charting, open interest graphs, Option Chain, integrated research and live profit and loss monitoring.

ICICI Direct announced the launch of its brand-new trading app called ‘ICICIdirect Markets App’, under ICICI Securities Limited. ICICI Direct has stated that the new app offers a platform that gives its users a superior trading experience thanks to its simple, fast and intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. The app was launched with the aim of making the entire process of buying and selling stocks on the go a hassle-free one. The entity claims that it can ‘get’ and redefine the way people trade in this era of rapid digital adoption.

The trading app comes with a wide host of analytical tools like advanced charting, open interest graphs, Option Chain, integrated research and live profit and loss monitoring. Using the app, the investors can buy or sell stocks by simply swiping. The app also comes equipped with biometrics for the login process, which will provide an added layer of security. What stands out as well is that the app allows the customers to enhance the experience by way of customization. It lets investors customize their own watchlist with stocks, index as well as F&O Contracts.

Speaking on the launch, Vishal Gulechha, Head of Retail Equity at ICICI Securities, said, “ICICIdirect believes in simplification of the trading experience and believes that technology can lead this change. In an effort to create a trading platform that not only addresses today’s requirements but is also flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s technological advances, we built the ICICIdicrect Markets app after extensive customer consultation, particularly the millennials. Innovating with changing times to attain customer satisfaction has been a top priority for us and we envisage to build the next generation of AI-based hassle-free trading experience.”

The app also comes with a wide range of other tools such as e-ATM which allows the user instant liquidity on the selling of their shares. It also offers cashless trading with shares as the margin as well as a Margin Trade Funding (MTF) option. ICICI Direct promoted this app as a one-stop shop as it contains all the relevant features that would allow investors to complete the entire trading and selling process in just a few steps.

Another notable feature is that customers can monitor their positions across asset classes in one consolidated position view. Customers who use the app can also make use of the ICICI Direct research that is made available for equity and derivatives along with one-click portfolios for smaller investments. As of Wednesday, the app was rolled out onto both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

ICICI Securities Limited (I-Sec) is a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited and it was incorporated in 1995. ICICI Direct comes under this and features as a virtual financial supermarket that aims to meet the three need sets of its clients- investments, protection, and borrowing. It has mainly, four lines of business, which are broking, distribution of financial products, wealth management as well as investment banking.

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