Login Problems

If you are sent back to the Account Login page...

The system logs you out after fifteen minutes of inactivity. This is to ensure that no one else can see your account information, should you leave your computer while you are logged in. If this happens, you will need to log in again.

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How often is my account information updated?

Account prices or NAV are updated each business day. Your account should reflect the previous business days closing price. (Account values are updated every evening.)

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What is a redemption fee?

A redemption fee is a fee charged by a fund when shareholders redeem shares or transfer assets between funds. The fee is generally used to defray fund costs associated with the redemption. Mandatory redemption fees are charged by some funds for short-term trades, i.e. trades on assets that have not been held for a specified period of time. For more information on the redemption fees applicable to your investments, please refer to your fund prospectuses.

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If I have any specific questions about my plan, who should I contact?

Contact your employer with questions about your plan.

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