Modern life is dependent on energy. For example, energy is what allows 4% of the population to feed 100%. We would still be living an 1850 lifestyle without all the energy we use. And MOST of the energy is fossil fuels. Even green energy such as solar panel require fossil fuels to produce the materials and for manufacturing. It has been estimated that the energy pay back for solar panels is about 10 years. Thus, there is NO alternative to coal, oil, and gas at this time.

Building a huge number of nuclear plants could have a major impact on electricity production, which could decrease fossil fuel use. It would not eliminate them. Coal is needed for steel production. Gas peaker plants may be needed for peak electricity needs (nuclear power doesnt ramp up and down quickly). Diesel will still be required for applications such as large trucks. Natural gas is a clean burning, efficient source of heat for homes, cooking, etc.

A lot of technologies are pure hype. Hydrogen- made from water and energy needed to make hydrogen exceeds useful work of the generated hydrogen. Batteries- require massive amounts of materials and energy to produce and actually increase overall energy useage (but does assist in shift from fossil fuels to electricity).

Fossil fuels will be the primary source of energy for at least 50 years. Paris Accord C02 targets will be missed by a WIDE margin. ICE powered cars will out sell EVs for the forseeable future and probably the next 40-50 years. (That includes places like California.)

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