claim to run a hedge fund, and my name is Jesus...

On their about us page they state My Club Trader is the first hedge fund of its kind which allows for a truly decentralized voting on new investments by My Club Trader investors and gives their choice major part of the overall weight towards the investment decision..

The truth is you will probably never see your money again once you have invested just like any other boiler room scam out there.

Unlike other review sites we go in hard, we dont care about spreads or bonuses, we care about who owns the company and where YOUR money is going.

Usually these types of scams will issue you some very small profits to gain your trust before pushing you hard for bigger and bigger investments.

Who owns MYclubtrades domain name?

As shown in the image below we attempted to trace the owner of the MYclubtrades website domain name however the owner has opted to conceal their contact information and identity.

You can see that the website domain name was only registered in 2018 and the domain owner information is hidden.

They have total control over their platform / portfolios and at the end of the day if you have invested with them you have been scammed.

Dont be fooled by digits on a website based in Thailand with no regulation and no protection!

MYclubtrades claim withdrawals and deposits can be made via Credit or Debit cards, Crypto currencies and Skrill.

Good luck on getting any big withdrawals issued out by them..

We decided to check the FCA financial conduct authority register in the UK and various other regulatory bodies as we do with all companies on our website.

We found no trace of any licences or special allowances from the FCA for MYclubtrades or any other regulator. Therefore, this site is trading illegally.

If you need to contact them their contact details are as follows:

Telephone numbers: None listed on website



Fake Adress: Mall in 3530 Ladphrao Road Soi 144,
Klongchan,Bangkok 10240, Thailand.

This broker has alarm bells ringing all over the place and as such we give it an overall score of 0 out of 5.

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