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PS5 stock drops have been on the menu this week in the UK, with retailers like Argos and Very getting more consoles in. The system is in stock right now, but youll need to hurry to beat the crowds.

Very currently has stock of both the standard and Digital Edition of the PS5. If you added it to your wishlist, you may have gotten a heads up with any out of stock consoles youve added now visible. The stock drop included the PS5 standard edition but at the moment, its only showing as available for pre-order. The PS5 Digital Edition is still open for orders though, so get over there!  

Customers are being herded into a waiting room which means the stock is still available. Very looks to have had quite the restock as it looked like the consoles were all gone, but theyre back again. The waiting room refreshes every 30 seconds so keep the tab open and pray to whatever deity you trust to get you to the checkout. 

Were eight months into the next-gen console launch, and both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still a nightmare to get hold of. Tracking them at retailers can be hard work as some drop their stock without warning, like Amazon, and thats only compounded with the sheer demand for the hardware. And lets not forget the scalper scourge!

If you miss out today, keep track of PS5 restocks with out PS5 stock tracker. For a stress free try at getting one, you can try the ballot system at Previously offered for the Xbox Series X standalone console, the site is running a PS5 ballot, but the catch is that its for a pricey bundle featuring a PS5 disc edition, an extra DualSense controller, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and a Logitech G923 Racing Wheel (worth £289). You can always sell off the bits you dont need, but its worth throwing your hat in while you track PS5 stock elsewhere. 


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