My last article was about the weight of stocks in NSE Nifty index, in this article, I will tell the weight of stocks in the Bank Nifty index. Bank Nifty index is most active the index traded on NSE based on the prices of 12 banks, below are the stocks along with their weightage. This weight can help us in identifying what would be the direction (Uptrend or Downtrend) of the index if the major banking stocks like HDFCBANK, ICICIBANK or KOTAK BANK moves.

Latest Update 3 August 2021 (Next update on 21 August 2021):

# Sl NoStock NameWeightage in %
1.HDFC Bank Ltd26.08
2.ICICI Bank Ltd20.05
3.Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd15.88
4.Axis Bank Ltd15.35
5.State Bank of India10.54
6.IndusInd Bank Ltd5.07
7.Bandhan Bank2.72
8.Federal Bank Ltd1.33
9.RBL Bank Ltd1.03
10.IDFC First Bank Ltd0.78
11.Bank of Baroda0.61
12.Punjab National Bank0.56

You can also refer to the past weight data below:

  1. State Bank of India 21.64
  2. HDFC Bank 28.89
  3. ICICI Bank 16.44
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank 7.27
  5. Axis Bank 7.21
  6. Bank of Baroda 4.93
  7. Punjab National Bank 4.50
  8. Bank of India 3.42
  9. Canara Bank 3.16
  10. IndusInd Bank 2.54
  11. Yes Bank 2.01
  12. Union Bank 1.97

In the above list, the first 5 stocks have the highest weight in the bank nifty index, so most of the time trend of these five must be considered as the trend of the bank nifty index. Do you want to know how the index is calculated? Do read these books. BankNifty is one of the most liquid and highly popular traded indexes.

A small fluctuation in the top 4-5 stocks can move bank nifty in a much higher proportion. As top 3 banking stocks contribute to 65% of total weight. Recently we saw the private sector banks rising after the latest quarterly result. You can easily trade bank nifty options as they are liquid too and bank nifty options have a weekly expiry.

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