COVID-19 Vaccines

NYC providers who want to participate in the citys COVID-19 vaccine program should register with CIR. If your organization already has a CIR account, it is important to confirm the appropriate staff have access.

For more information about becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider, review:

For questions about CIR, email or call 347-396-2400.

For general information about distribution in NYC, see our COVID-19 Vaccines main page.

For more information on using CIR for COVID-19 reporting, review our CIR COVID-19 Resources.

Find out how you can request a vaccine record for you or your child.


The New York Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) keeps immunization records for all children and adults who live in the city. CIR consolidates immunization information and shares it with health care providers, families and agencies concerned with public health.

You can register your practice online. For instructions on how to register your practice, see the registration guide (PDF). If you think you may be registered and have forgotten your facility code, enter your information on the registration page to get your facility code.

Reporting Immunizations Requirements

NYC health care providers report immunizations to the CIR as mandated by New York State Public Health Law and the NYC Health Code. Pediatric providers are required to report all immunizations administered to children aged 0 to 18 years.

Reporting adult immunizations requires consent. However, from December 14, 2020 to June 26, 2021, the consent requirement for adults was suspended by the Governor’s executive order (PDF) and the Health Commissioners order (PDF). These orders required providers to report COVID-19, flu and all other vaccinations administered to adults to the CIR.

Currently, reporting adult immunizations requires patient consent. Immunization data are submitted to the CIR through electronic health record systems or through the CIR’s Online Registry.

Benefits and Uses for CIR

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