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How can these opportunities be exploited to realize the potential to generate hundreds of percent returns?

The gaming industry is exploding. These are the 4 catalysts that have helped it gain momentum. And also: how can you identify the next hot area and make money from it!

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Recently we recruited into our ranks at Trading Rush Club young traders who live and breathe the capital market from the moment they get up until they go to sleep.

And we’re glad we did! Sometimes young traders aged 25-40 identify boiling areas in the market that experienced 60s traders find it challenging to spot for the simple reason that those areas do not apply to them.

One of these areas is:

The field of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming, as the name suggests, is video games that are played on our mobile devices. If your kids or youngsters around you are glued to their phones. In that case, chances are it’s no longer because they are watching YouTube videos, sharing on Facebook, or scrolling on Instagram.

The truth is that there is a good chance that they are playing yet another addictive and competitive mobile video game.

The mobile gaming industry has seen tremendous growth since late 2012, bringing mobile games with graphics that don’t embarrass any next-gen gaming console.

The intelligent investors who saw the potential and the future emerging before their eyes decided to invest in companies that then led the field (there were very few that were listed on the stock exchange in 2012), and today they are sweeping the fruits into their pockets.

Today these early investors enjoy 9,214%, 10,436%, and even 11,371% returns on their investments in a time frame of less than 10 years.

And here’s the answer to the question you’re probably asking yourself right now:

What are the catalysts that are causing the mobile gaming industry to simply explode in recent years?

Catalyst 1: The desire and addictions for immediate pleasure

People worldwide have longed for the past year (primarily due to the COVID-19 virus) for immediate and addictive pleasures that will pass the time for them.

Mobile video games have become the preferred option to pass the time among children, teens, and even adults up to an average age of 40.

Mobile video games have undergone in their popularity old cornerstones in the field of entertainment such as reading books (do people still do that?), Listening to music, watching movies, and more…

The truth is that watching TV is the only activity that still wins in terms of the average hours we spend in front of a screen as compared to video games on mobile.

And with an estimated market capitalization of $ 150 billion (dollars), the mobile video game industry is here to stay. But not just stay; it’s going to lead and win! for the simple reason that the field has grown much faster than the TV business.

Catalyst 2: The colossal profit potential

The business model of the mobile gaming industry is simply ingenious.

Today, if you download a quality mobile game, you are facing one of 2 issues:

  1. Long and annoying ads pop up during your gameplay session. 
  2. Your abilities to advance in the game are capped.

How do we overcome these 2 problems and continue to fully enjoy the game we love and are so addicted to?

We Pay Money!

It can be a monthly subscription for a nominal fee, or it can be a one-time purchase of the game…

But without a shadow of a doubt, the business model (first developed in the early 2000s and generated hundreds of billions of dollars since) is the possibility of purchasing upgrades within the actual game itself, also known as a microtransaction.

Want the special sword? Pay money.

Want to upgrade something without wasting hours? Pay money.

Want an open option to play as a unique character? Pay money.

This industry rolls in billions of dollars a year, and the growth potential is just continuing.

Catalyst 3: The amount of mobile game developers has gone out of control

Young and entrepreneurial game developers who see the mobile gaming field’s huge potential are simply flocking to the industry and causing competition in the area to grow unimaginably.

Just note the tremendous increase in the number of game developers from 2009 to 2021


In 2009 there were only 30,000 mobile game developers. We are talking here about both individual developers sitting at the computer in the basement of their mother’s house and huge companies with hundreds of employees.

Today, after it became clear that the gaming world is taking giant strides towards mobile, game developers have grown to a psychedelic amount of 10,000,000 (million) developers.

The number of games released every day has become so large that even great mobile games with a real option to become bestsellers are overshadowed by the many other mobile games in the market.

But don’t take it wrong, competition is a healthy thing, every field with high competition also has a high demand.

High demand means there is money to be collected from the floor, but only if one knows how to identify the right investment opportunities.

> The ability to identify these opportunities is what our Trading Rush Club members get.
A premium service for investment advice, and content, that already helps hundreds of people just like you earn more from their investments – but we will touch on this later.

Catalyst 4: One company that leads the field of competitive gaming

There is one company that we have here at Trading Rush Club that we have set an eye on as a company that will lead and change the field of mobile gaming for generations to come.

But, one company takes mobile gaming to a new level and makes it into a competitive sport. It offers competitions for gamers from all over the world. It gives prizes worth more money than most people will earn in their workplace in a lifetime and encourages psychic involvement that keeps gamers glued to the screen.

The company we are talking about is Skillz (symbol SKLZ)

Skillz helps gamers face each other at “e-sports” events. Gamers have no issues paying a modest fee to enter the competitions because the prizes received by those who win are usually large sums of cash.

Skillz keeps a percentage of the entry fees and gives the game developers who work with her some of the winners’ profits.

Gamers trust Skillz because it invests a fortune in developing hardware that identifies and bans cheaters, who may use malware to gain an unfair advantage over other legitimate gamers.

Skillz also handles the back office for game developers and offers: software solutions for real-money digital transactions, provides technical support, develops complementary technologies, and identifies new trends among gamers, to help developers keep their games “in business.”

There is no doubt that Skillz is a leader in the field of mobile gaming, and this explains the explosion of its stock price within 6 months from the date of its initial IPO.


The company’s market capitalization has jumped to more than $ 800,000,000 (million), and it is expected to pass a market value of $ 3,000,000,000,000 (billion) in the next two years.

The company’s relationship with thriving game developers and more than 34 official games on its platform generates over $ 10,000,000 in revenue per year, an amount that is growing now that the company allows downloads through Google Play and not just through the App Store.

The company has no credit debts and very few expenses, so almost 85% of the annual profits are net profits.

So true…

The field of mobile gaming is simply on fire. It creates incredible investment opportunities that can produce a return of 150%, even 500%. If you invest in the right stocks, even 1,000% – 5,000% on your money…

But how do you know which stocks to invest in?

How will you know which companies are leading the mobile gaming field and changing it every day?

How will you know which stocks will generate a significant return on your investment?

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How will you know which companies are leading the field and changing it every day?

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But it’s not supposed to be like that!

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