In this articles we are going to discuss about the best forex signals telegram channels in 2020 and the signals provider on WhatsApp. Accurate Forex signals are one of the most important things which most traders are searching on the internet daily basis. It is different from some educational institutes where you get knowledge about researching the market. Obviously getting a good signal without doing anything is a dream of every trader. As most of the traders are making trading is a second income source and they don’t get enough time to study charts.

Telegram has come into the picture which is definitely one of the best communication sources of delivering significant market information to the traders as well as WhatsApp. The best part is through Telegram channels and groups you can send Forex trading signals to many traders by asking them to simply joining groups. That’s why the use of telegram application is increasing day by day. 

Advantages of Forex Telegram Channels | Groups:

Obviously the most common advantage is the fast communication medium between Forex signals provider and Forex traders. By joining the groups on telegram you can receive free signals or you can subscribe to VIP Forex signals channels by paying service providers fee. It is also one of the best communication methods for Forex signals providers as they can add millions of traders in a single group to deliver their signals.

Free VS Paid Forex Signals Telegram channels | Groups:

Undoubtedly we advise our visitors to go for Paid channels as they promise to deliver the right information on the channels with most accurate signals up to 90% accuracy whereas Free channels or cheap groups send random signals with very bad risk-reward ratio with many TPs which confuse traders also their random signals causes big losses to the traders which makes them spend their whole life to recover their losses which they made from a bad signals provider offering free signals so making a smart decision in beginning can save you. 

Forex Hub’s paid Telegram channels | Groups:

We as the market leader in the Forex trading signals business, have completed 10 years of a successful journey to fulfill our subscriber’s need to make a serious return in Forex trading. Our team of experienced Forex market analysts has grown to 50+ employees which are dedicatedly serving our subscribers 24*7.

We have made a strong team of traders and Analysts with a minimum experience of 10 years who are very professional in handling clients and also manage their million dollar account with great care. We have made a system after spending a lot of time and research which helps not only to give accurate entry exit in various assets trading but also helps us to predict false entry points to save you from possible losses.

We are providing the best and accurate Forex signals through our Telegram channels and Whatsapp groups. With our 10 years of journey as a Forex signals provider, we have reached a total paid client base of more than 17000 and our subscribers are growing faster in different countries. Our servicing countries include United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Australia (AU), Hong-Kong, United States (USA), Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, UAE, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Denmark, Ukraine and 96 plus countries in the world.

To manage the demand we keep recruiting highly experienced certified analysts to deliver the best Forex signals service to our subscribers. Our slogan is “Each pips matter” is true in Forex trading as like you can Miss TP or hit stop loss with only one pip difference. Forex is a very complex market to analyze for getting the right levels of trading which we believe is not the work of single individual traders. It is teamwork for example a big investment company giving good returns to their clients is not the work of a single portfolio manager but also teamwork of different analyst which has specialization in different sectors.

We believe in quality trading advice, not quantity. We prefer to send signals to clients only when we are very much sure. It is also true you can’t win every trade but we can win most of the traders ultimately makes our account green in the end. We also keep tracking the political events, Interest rate decisions, and various economic events considering the fundamental parts to generate signals at the right moment.

We have various trading systems that can generate signals as per clients’ requirements of short-term, Medium-term, or Long term trades. For short-term traders or scalpers, we use Indicators in a short period time frame with some best settings. We use price action and takes into consideration various candlesticks patterns.

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Following are the unique quality and key features of Forex Hub’s signals:

  • We have developed a very accurate trading system that helps us to predict when to trade and when not to.
  • We assign a dedicated analyst to assist you during your tenure of subscription to give a good experience of customer support and resolving queries then and there itself.
  • We not only do technical analysis but also a deep fundamental analysis. Using both of the analysis is key to get higher accuracy in trading.
  • We have developed a system which matches with big bankers system in various features. which can help retail investors to get a good return like the big player does in the market by following our signals.
  • 24*7 support system.
  • Our signals are pending orders which give sufficient time to enter not like free groups, whose signals are after the prices passed. 
  • Most of the signals are sent on Major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, and also Indices & commodities like FTSE100, GER30, S&P500, DOW30, Crude Oil Etc.

Best Forex Signals WhatsApp Group Link

We also can deliver signals through WhatAapp broadcast list for fast delivery of Forex trading signals. Most of the clients prefer WhatsApp over Telegram to receive signals as it is older and familiar application and It’s uses is wider. We assign one trader and analyst for live support to the clients on WhatsApp where you can discuss about managing risk on your trades.

Our analysts also guides you how much lots you can put as per your investment size for better risk management. Our trades are mostly pending orders which gives you sufficient time to put orders and with good risk-reward ratio of mostly 1:2 which gives you good return even in case of 70% winning trades.

Top 5 Best Forex Trading Signals provider Telegram Group Links| Channels 2020-2021:

(1) FxProEra: One of the best Forex signals provider telegram channel with a total number of subscribers of 8.5k absolutely this channel is on the top of our list. They send paid signals mostly in London session with 80% to 90% accuracy with more than 1000 pips target monthly. Many websites and traders recommend FxProEra to receive accurate market information and signals. From their channel’s statistics, they have 90% of active subscribers which has enabled notification. They support clients in almost all countries. They prefer payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin to subscribe to their paid channels.

Key features: 

  • 24*7 support from channel admin.
  • Best trading information through the description of the live charts.
  • Signals are available as per the client’s trading style Short term. Medium-term or Long term traders.
  • In HNI subscription signals can be customized as per your requirements like for swing traders or scalpers.
  • Education contents are available on their channels.
  • Research reports available.
  • Chart analysis available.

(2) Forex Tipster: They are second on the list with a total number of subscribers 5.9k. Importantly their signals winning ratio is more than 80% with a good risk-reward ratio. Their client base is in almost all countries. They share their Mt4 statement for proof of their accurate Forex signals. The minimum subscription fee starts from USD 135 per month which looks costly to few people but their claim of providing serious return makes it worthy.

Key features: 

  • 24*7 support system.
  • Share videos of a live trading system that looks promising.
  • Mostly scalping strategy
  • The number of signals depends on the package you subscribe to them.
  • Conduct educational webinars on special occasions.
  • Chart analysis available.
  • Research reports available.

(3) Stomper Fxpips: They have total subscribers of 1.4k. They provide Forex signals additionally they manage accounts as well and claim to provide a nice return on 25% sharing of profit. To start with them you have to open an account with their recommended broker.

Key features: 

  • Manage account for a 25% share of profit.
  • Minimum account size 1000USD.
  • As per their mt4 statement, their trades are Scalping and Intraday.
  • The analyst is available to discuss trading information.
  • You can customize risk as per your preference. 

(4) ProFx Signals: They provide signals with 70% accuracy with a total of 800 pips target depends on the package you select. Their signals are also paid and profitable which comes in European market sessions. Various subscribers have said they have made a lot of profit with their channels but now they offer paid subscriptions to start after increasing the number of subscribers to manage the demand of signals with their available workforce to handle their clients.

Key features: 

  • Offer paid and profitable signals
  • Risk reward ratio 1:1 to 1:2 in their signals which is with 70% which works well.
  • Timely changes their trading systems which work differently in different market conditions.
  • Signals are sent with proper description.
  • Research reports are available on demand.

(5) Fx King: They have more than 800 subscribers as they are new which are currently growing as their signals proved above 70% accuracy in the last 6 months. They have their youtube channels where they discuss their trading systems and proved their accuracy on live trading platforms.

Key features:

  • Educational videos are available on their YouTube channels.
  • Provide paid signals.
  • Chart analysis description available on demand.


Clearly millions of traders think Forex trading can make them rich but its all about experience and Knowledge, Furthermore we suggest our visitors to take service from Forex Hub one of the Best Forex signal provider to start trading in Forex. Forex Hub is here to help you to get consistent return in your trading.

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