Last weekend, Nova Scotia was terrorized by what weve now learned to be the worst mass shooting in Canadian history. As of April 21st 2020, at least 22 innocent Nova Scotians have been reported dead -- senselessly killed as they were simply living their lives. 

Among the dead include pillars of our community -- nurses, an RCMP officer, a teacher, and, many more. Most importantly, they were our friends and family; they were parents, grandparents, children, and spouses. To make matters worse, many families are dealing with not only the loss of (at least) a loved one, but also the destruction of property.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, the families of the victims will have many monetary needs, especially as we continue to struggle with the effects and limitations of COVID-19. This fundraiser aims to preemptively collect money to support families, so that we can respond immediately as the need arises.

 Anyone who needs help, or who knows somehow who does, should feel free to reach out to me through this page. More specific details will be provided regarding specific money use as beneficiaries are identified. 

To learn about the victims:

To share your condolences:

An update regarding donations:

Weve decided, after speaking with other fundraising teams, that all donations will be directly sent to the Red Cross. Ive spoken personally with the donations team, and theyve insured me that money donated will be:
- accepted and distributed in full, i.e. with no fees;
- used only for victims and families affected by this event;
- used to help cover both short and long-term expenses (e.g. everything from funerals to future university tuition);
- will take into account existing fundraising supports.


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