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New Delhi: Stocks market in India remained closed on Diwali for normal trading but they conduct an one-hour special Muhurat trading session on every Diwali. This year also the BSE and the NSE will conduct Muhurat trading session on November 14 that will start at 6:15 and will last till 7:15. There will be pre-open Muhurat Session from 6:00 pm to 6:08 pm and a post-closing Muhurat Session between 7:25 pm and 7:35 pm.

What is the significance of Muhurat trading

Muharat trading is a practice that dates back to the year 1957 when trading started for the first time at BSE to tap the benefits of ‘Shubh Muharats’ or auspicious times. It is widely believed that Muharat trading brings prosperity and wealth. Also, this auspicious occasion is believed to ward off the evil forces of loss. To that end, as the people of Dalal Street transition to a new accounting calendar, they ensure maximum wealth creation with value investing in high-growth stocks. On this special occasion, many investors even purchase stocks for their children, which are usually held for a long period of time, said Jyoti Roy, DVP- Equity Strategist, Angel Broking.

Muharat trading hour is an ideal entry point for Millennials

There is a belief among the trading community that the one-hour Muhurat trading is the perfect time for millennials to enter the market. There is also a very good rationale behind this revered notion. As the day pulls into the Muharat trading session, people enter a buying phase and stock prices become less volatile, and only a few clusters of people contribute to volatility. Therefore, for first-time investors and stock traders alike, tapping into the Muharat occasion is very important as the price trends reflect a positive account of what’s transpiring both in the national and global communities, said Roy.

It is believed that during Muharat occasion, the planets align themselves in such a manner that the work performed during this specific time is free from the influences of evil forces and, therefore, one is more likely to see a rewarding outcome. To that end, trading in the stock markets during Muharat trading hour is believed to result in prosperity and wealth. However, Roy advised investors to avoid superstition and always go for value-driven investing. 

Here are few stocks recommended by Angel Broking which you can buy on this Muhurat trading

Stock name                Target

Endurance Tech           Rs 1,297
Swaraj Engines            Rs 1,891
Cholamandalam Investment Rs 362
IDFC First Bank            Rs 36
Atul LTD.                       Rs 7,339
Galaxy Surfactants        Rs 2,075
Persistent Systems       Rs 1,531
Metropolis healthcare   Rs 2,360
Hawkins Cooker           Rs 5,992
Inox Leisure                 Rs 350
JK Lakshni Cement      Rs 355
VIP Industries               Rs 375

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