One of our Sales Team Members will work with you to review your project needs in order to advise you on the recommended products and services that are most appropriate for your needs. Our Estimation Team Members will work with the Salesman and Engineer to review your project needs. Depending on the scope of the project this could take a few minutes to a couple days. They will estimate time and materials needed for your project. After the estimate is completed the Salesman will arrange a meeting or phone call with you to discuss the details of the estimate. Once you and our Salesman have agreed on the details and terms for your project. The most common situation is the signing of the estimate and payment of a 50% deposit with the balance due at time of completion.

After we get all the necessary details from our initial meeting, we will then pass it on to our design team who will create conceptual renderings for your approval. Depending on the scope of the project this could take one to three business days. Our experienced designers love creating signage that will attract new customers to your business or organization.

After we have locked in a design that is to your satisfaction, we will ask for you to sign off on the design. No production will ever start until you have had the opportunity to review the design and approve it. We want you to be 100% confident in the finished project before we start.

Once we have approval from you we will then start the manufacturing phase. Lead time on fabrication can vary depending on the size of the project, which will be discussed during the estimation and contract approval process. Most of our small jobs are completed within two to seven business days on average. Larger projects can take anywhere between two and six weeks.

When your sign is completed and you require professional installation, we will work with you to schedule an appropriate time to install your sign. Our team of professional installers are ready and equipped to help you with any installation requirements you may have. There is no job too small or too large.

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