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v. man·aged, man·ag·ing, man·ag·es


a. To have charge of; direct or administer: manage a company; manage a portfolio of assets. See Synonyms at conduct.

b. To exert control over; regulate or limit toward a desired end: manage the news to minimize political repercussions; managed smokestack emissions.

c. To direct or supervise (employees or other staff): She manages 20 people in the department.

d. To act as the manager of (a performer, for example).

2. To succeed in accomplishing, achieving, or producing, especially with difficulty: managed to get a promotion; managed a polite goodbye.

3. To succeed in coping or dealing with: a drug that improves patients ability to manage their disease.


1. To direct or conduct business affairs.

2. To continue to get along; carry on; cope: learning how to manage on my own.

[Italian maneggiare, from Vulgar Latin *manidiāre, from Latin manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots.]

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managed fund

nInvestmentfonds m (mit gelegentlicher Umschichtung des Aktienbestandes)

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