The JPMorgan Equity Income Fund falls within Morningstar’s large-value category.

According to the funds website, “The Fund’s portfolio managers target high-quality U.S. companies with attractive valuations and healthy dividends. One specific feature looked for is a higher dividend yield combined with a lower payout ratio. This combination suggests that a company will likely maintain the ability to pay compelling dividends, with the potential for future growth and appreciation.”

As of August 18, 2021, the fund has assets totaling almost $48.39 billion invested in 91 different holdings.

The fund placed in the 47th percentile of its category for the trailing 12 months, the 18th percentile for the trailing three years, the 43rd percentile for the trailing five years and the 9th percentile for the trailing 10 years as of December 2016.

The fund normally charges a front-end sales load of 5.25 percent, which means out of every $10,000, $9,475 is invested with the remaining $525 going toward sales commissions. This is on top of an expense ratio of 1.04 percent, which is considered below average by Morningstar for the large-value category.

The fund’s risk compared to other funds in its peer group for the trailing three- and five-year periods is deemed below average, while the level of risk for the trailing 10 years is considered low. The level of return, as rated by Morningstar, is above average for the trailing three years, average for the trailing five years and high for the trailing 10 years.

As of November 30, the fund’s sector allocation was overweight versus its benchmark, the Russell 1000 Value Index, in consumer cyclicals and industrials, while being underweight in the communication services and real estate sectors. The fund’s top 10 holdings made up about 21 percent of the portfolio.

The fund has returned 35.69 percent over the past year, 12.07 percent over the past three years, 12.56 percent over the past five years and 12.68 percent over the past decade.

The fund was launched in February 1992. JP Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest asset managers in the world with over $2 trillion under management. The companys U.S. asset management operation includes more than 120 funds and ETFs, and is among the top 10 U.S. mutual fund companies.


U.S. News evaluated 1,100 Large Value Funds. Our list highlights the top-rated funds for long-term investors based on the ratings of leading fund industry researchers.

OIEIX is listed as:



Trailing Total Returns Monthly









OIEIX 1.09 2.92 19.86 35.69
S&P 500 TR USD 2.38 5.5 19.19 36.45
Category (LV) 0.71 2.36 18.79 38.84
+/- S&P 500 TR USD -1.29 -2.58 0.67 -0.76
+/- Category (LV) 0.38 0.56 1.07 -3.15
Rank in Category 39 36 35 63

Updated 07/31/21

Investment Strategy

The fund focuses on high-quality companies with healthy and sustainable dividend yields, providing a conservative way to participate in U.S. equity markets.

Role in Portfolio

The fund could be used as a core large-cap value holding in a portfolio.


Clare Hart and Jonathan Simon have co-managed the fund since 2004. Both manage a number of funds for JP Morgan Asset Management.


The fund has returned 35.69 percent over the past year, 12.07 percent over the past three years, 12.56 percent over the past five years and 12.68 percent over the past decade.



JPMorgan Equity Income Fund has an expense ratio of 0.98 percent.

Net Expense Ratio


Category Average: 0.99%*



Category Average: 0.58%*


Updated 07/31/21

Updated 07/31/21


Investing in stocks involves risks from both general factors impacting the economy and the stock market, as well as factors that may be specific to a given holding in the fund. As with any actively managed fund, performance will in part depend upon the skills and the investment process employed by the fund’s managers.

Volatility Measurements

Volitility measures reflect the uncertainty or risk of change in a security`s value.


Updated 07/31/21

Updated 07/31/21

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