In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information on the Upstox Customer Care Number and Email Id provided for the people who Open Upstox Demat Account as well as to raise any issues while trading. 

Know about Upstox

Upstox started its services as a discount broker in India in the year 2011. Upstox was earlier known as RKSV Securities India Private Limited. As of now, Upstox has over 15 Lakh active clients in India. Upstox positions itself as a low-cost brokerage firm and a discount broker. 

If you are looking to Open Upstox Account, you can use this Upstox sign up link and enter your phone number, email id, and name to register with Upstox. 


To complete the Upstox Account Opening online process, you need to pay the Upstox Charges for account opening, enter personal details as well as bank account details and upload the Upstox Account Opening Documents

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Upstox Customer Care Number

022-4179-2999 or 022-6130-9999 or 022-7130-9999 are the Upstox Customer Care number.

One can call between the specific hours mentioned and share all the details with representatives and get the best answers to your queries.

Upstox Customer Care

Upstox Helpdesk is active for all types of inquiries whether product knowledge or any service-related issue.


Upstox Customer Care Email ID

Upstox Customer Care Email ids are or One can write about your problems to the team or contact the compliance team for any issue. 

Now you can also mail to for any queries related to the Upstox Account Opening

Upstox Customer Care Support Timings

You can call Upstox Customer care between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays. On Saturdays, the timing is between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and Sundays are closed for calls.

Note: The time taken to address your email sent at is usually within 2 working days.


How do I contact Upstox?

You can either call this provided Upstox Customer Care number to resolve your queries 022-4179-2999, 022-7130-9999 or Reach out for all your account opening related questions on

What is the Upstox Helpline no?

022-6130-9999 is the Upstox Helpline number.

How do I open a Upstox account?

You can use this direct link to Open Upstox Demat Account for free.

Does Upstox charge for account opening?

Though Upstox Charges zero rupees to Open Upstox Account, it asks you to choose a plan for brokerage credit.

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