We are living in a time when YouTube rules the entertainment sector by establishing itself the most visited platform designed for global entertainment. The limitless list of video content to entertain all kinds of viewers across the globe has made this platform most cherished, especially among the youth. Brands, which are most visible in general and aspire to reach the target group with entertaining and meaningful contents, have come up with their own YouTube channels.

In Bangladesh, very few YouTube channels have won the Silver Play Button. Among them, as the first Telecom Brand, Airtel has won this prestigious Silver Play Button award in April, 2018.

The Silver Play Button is a part of YouTube Creator Rewards, which is a representation of the recognition from YouTube for being the most popular channels in terms of the number of subscribers. Channels that reach or surpass 100,000 subscribers are eligible to receive this award only.

Winning the Silver Play Button award however is a clear indication of being the most celebrated YouTube channel and for Airtel this means- the largest friends’ network has really come together forming the biggest entertaining platform for the youth. Enjoying meaningful visual contents day and night, sharing with friends wherever they are, it all became possible because of the strong and largest network that Airtel has been providing to the youth of Bangladesh for quite some time. Since the beginning, Airtel has offered the youth a voice to speak up their mind, the way they want. This made the youth united, appreciate every little aspects of life, and celebrate friendship moment with Airtel.

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