We have often seen that the best traders are those who trades and understands the inter-markets relationships, i.e. they have a complete knowledge of multiple asset’s class. Professional Market traders program is a comprehensive course for those who want to trade in all segments of the capital markets, stocks, commodities, currencies. The core objective of the course is to provide the participants a practical and a hands on experience of trading by industry experts and real traders who are trading day in day out.

Learn Advance Trading Strategy of Price Action Analysis:

Intraday Trading:
This Trading methodology is used by active day traders, using our price action analysis, trade setups and Candlestick analysis the, trades are executes. Advanced Technical analysis with risk management and trading psychology is a major part of this type of trading style.-

Swing & Positional Trading:
Swing trading type is where the market positions are generally held for 1-4 days and in positional trading the duration is slightly longer to about 10-15 days. These trading types are for individuals who cannot be involved full time in the markets, and can actively participate in our rule based zone to zone trading styles.

Trade Management and Discipline:
One of the key reasons why most of the traders lose money in the markets is because of poor money management, in this program we have intensively covered the trader’s psychology when it comes to managing trades. We follow a simple Risk to reward trade strategy and maintaining that on a trade register is mandatory for all traders, that’s how you professionally learn trading.

To know more about advanced trading techniques and discipline in trading methodology, register for a free trading workshop:::


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