/bold{/mathrm{Basic}} /bold{/alpha/beta/gamma} /bold{/mathrm{AB/Gamma}} /bold{/sin/cos} /bold{/ge/div/rightarrow} /bold{/overline{x}/space/mathbb{C}/forall} /bold{/sum/space/int/space/product} /bold{/begin{pmatrix}/square&/square///square&/square/end{pmatrix}} /bold{H_{2}O}
/square^{2} x^{/square} /sqrt{/square} /nthroot[/msquare]{/square} /frac{/msquare}{/msquare} /log_{/msquare} /pi /theta /infty /int /frac{d}{dx}
/ge /le /cdot /div x^{/circ} (/square) |/square| (f/:/circ/:g) f(x) /ln e^{/square}
/left(/square/right)^{} /frac{/partial}{/partial x} /int_{/msquare}^{/msquare} /lim /sum /sin /cos /tan /cot /csc /sec
/alpha /beta /gamma /delta /zeta /eta /theta /iota /kappa /lambda /mu
/nu /xi /pi /rho /sigma /tau /upsilon /phi /chi /psi /omega
A B /Gamma /Delta E Z H /Theta K /Lambda M
N /Xi /Pi P /Sigma T /Upsilon /Phi X /Psi /Omega
/sin /cos /tan /cot /sec /csc /sinh /cosh /tanh /coth /sech
/arcsin /arccos /arctan /arccot /arcsec /arccsc /arcsinh /arccosh /arctanh /arccoth /arcsech
+ - = /ne /div /cdot /times < >> /le /ge
(/square) [/square] ▭/:/longdivision{▭} /times /twostack{▭}{▭} + /twostack{▭}{▭} - /twostack{▭}{▭} /square! x^{/circ} /rightarrow /lfloor/square/rfloor /lceil/square/rceil
/overline{/square} /vec{/square} /in /forall /notin /exist /mathbb{R} /mathbb{C} /mathbb{N} /mathbb{Z} /emptyset
/vee /wedge /neg /oplus /cap /cup /square^{c} /subset /subsete /superset /supersete
/int /int/int /int/int/int /int_{/square}^{/square} /int_{/square}^{/square}/int_{/square}^{/square} /int_{/square}^{/square}/int_{/square}^{/square}/int_{/square}^{/square} /sum /prod
/lim /lim _{x/to /infty } /lim _{x/to 0+} /lim _{x/to 0-} /frac{d}{dx} /frac{d^2}{dx^2} /left(/square/right)^{} /left(/square/right)^{} /frac{/partial}{/partial x}
(2/times2) (2/times3) (3/times3) (3/times2) (4/times2) (4/times3) (4/times4) (3/times4) (2/times4) (5/times5)
(1/times2) (1/times3) (1/times4) (1/times5) (1/times6) (2/times1) (3/times1) (4/times1) (5/times1) (6/times1) (7/times1)
/mathrm{Radians} /mathrm{Degrees} /square! ( ) % /mathrm{clear}
/arcsin /sin /sqrt{/square} 7 8 9 /div
/arccos /cos /ln 4 5 6 /times
/arctan /tan /log 1 2 3 -
/pi e x^{/square} 0 . /bold{=} +
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