Contributor information and frequently asked questions about the Adobe Stock free collection. 

The Adobe Stock free collection is a hand-curated collection of free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos from talented Adobe Stock creators. Discover these free assets on our website in the “Free” section on the navigation bar in addition to our existing free design templates, motion graphics templates and 3D assets.

  • Free assets meet the same standards as the Adobe Stock paid collection (including model- and property-release requirements)  
    and are downloaded with a commercial license.

  • Our free content stands out from other free stock providers because it is curated and Adobe has supported contributing artists for their efforts.

The Adobe Stock free collection launched in 2020 with the growing need for content velocity, integrity of the artist community, and accessibility during this challenging economic time top of mind.

We are closely monitoring the impact to the paid collection to ensure a healthy balance. 

Customers and Adobe Stock artists alike value the free collection for many reasons, including our licensing terms, artist support, breadth of asset types offered, and search powered by Adobe Sensei.

Licensing terms 
Assets from the Adobe Stock free collection can be used for personal or commercial purposes.  Free assets meet the same standards as our paid collection (including model- and property-release requirements) and are downloaded with a commercial license. Adobe may also use assets in the free collection in Adobe-created templates and other design assets, allowing Adobe’s customers to discover and use the features of our applications. 

Artist support

We know how much effort goes into a shoot – between the equipment, editing software, time spent, and payments for models and locations. Buyers can feel good about downloading a free asset from Adobe Stock, because we’ve paid our Contributors upfront for including their content.

For a limited time, we’re inviting selected Adobe Stock Contributors to nominate photos for potential inclusion in the free collection. If you qualify, you’ll see a banner in your dashboard when logging in to your Contributor portal. Selected photos will be eligible for an upfront payment per asset from Adobe, in exchange for a 12-month non-exclusive license allowing Adobe to include the assets in the free collection. Other asset types such as vectors, illustrations or videos may be open for nomination to the free collection later. 

If you see a banner in your dashboard when logging in to your Contributor portal, you have until June 23, 2021, 9am PDT, to nominate your eligible photos for possible inclusion in the free collection. You will be able to revoke permission or change your individual nominations until June 23, 2021, at 9am PDT.

Yes. All assets that are approved for inclusion into the free collection are done so under a non-exclusive license, so you have the freedom to continue to use and distribute your assets as you choose.  

If you opt in, and your nominated asset is approved for the free collection, it will be available for free on the Adobe website and through Creative Cloud applications and services for a period of 12 months from the time it is initially offered for free to users.  

Yes. Your nominated Adobe Stock asset will remain available for licensing in the paid collection unless and until it is approved and moved to the free collection. 

If your nominated assets are approved into the free collection, you will receive the upfront payment when the assets are moved to the free collection. You will see the one-time payment in the Earnings tab in the Contributor portal and the assets are marked as free in your dashboard in the portal.

We may move your nominated assets to the free collection in batches. In that case, you will be paid for each batch at the time they are moved. 

The first batch of accepted assets will be moved to the free collection shortly after the nomination period closes on June 23, 2021, at 9am PDT. We may accept additional files from your nominated photos and move them in batches to the free collection until September 30, 2021. You will be notified and receive payments for each accepted batch of photos should that occur.  

There are no minimum or maximum considerations. Our goal is to have a balanced free collection covering a wide range of topics.  

Currently, we are refreshing the photos in our free collection. We may have an option to nominate additional asset types in the future. Keep an eye on your Contributor portal dashboard for opportunities. 

No, the assets must remain in the free collection for the entire 12-month period. When you nominate assets for the free collection you must accept the Free Collection Addendum before your assets may be selected. 

If you are legally required to remove an asset, please notify us by submitting a support ticket in the Contributor portal

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the Free Collection Addendum. 

After the 12 months in the free collection are up, your assets are moved back into the paid collection and you will again earn royalties on any licensed downloads.  

No. The data insight in the Contributor portal only shows downloads for assets in the paid collections. 

In the dashboard of your Contributor portal, all assets that were accepted into the free collection will have a ‘free’ label in the thumbnail image, and you will be able to filter by asset price in your portals portfolio. 

Assets in the free collection may also be used by Adobe in Adobe-created templates and other design assets within CC applications, allowing Adobe’s customers to discover and use the features of our applications. For example, Adobe could combine an asset from the free collection with text and additional design elements to create a template for use in one of the CC apps.

Free Collection Addendum

This addendum to your Contributor Agreement is effective June 7, 2021 and  applies to your Works that you submit to Adobe in June 2021 for Free Collection consideration. 

By clicking “Agree”, you agree that: 

  1. Indicating that a Work is “nominated” means you are submitting that Work for consideration to be included in the collection of Adobe Stock assets offered to Adobe users at no charge (“Free Collection”);
  2. Until June 23, 2021, 9.00 am PDT, you can review and freely edit your Works submission choices, after which your submission will be sent to Adobe for consideration for the Free Collection;
  3. Adobe may – but is not required to – place any Work you submit for consideration into the Free Collection;
  4. For each Work Adobe places in the Free Collection, Adobe will deposit a one-time payment of 5 credits to your applicable Contributor account (the “Free Payment”), where 1 credit = 1 USD = 1 Euro = 0.75 GPB = 7.10 SEK = 4 PLN = 150 Yen, depending on the currency associated with that account;
  5. For one year from the date a submitted Work is placed in the Free Collection (“Free Period”), the Work is designated as “free content” as described in the Contributor Agreement;
  6. During the Free Period, you will not receive any additional payment for Free Collection Works beyond the Free Payment;
  7. During the Free Period, Adobe may use Free Collection Works to create compilation and/or derivative content (“Compilation Content”). During the Free Period, Compilation Content may be offered to users through Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications and services (including any past, current and/or future versions or releases), all without additional payment to you;
  8. During the Free Period, you will not remove any Free Collection Work from your Adobe Stock portfolio unless technically or legally required to do so or allowed by Adobe in writing;

If there is a conflict between this addendum and the Contributor Agreement, this addendum governs solely as to (A) Works submitted for consideration in the Free Collection under this addendum; (B) Free Collection Works during the Free Period; and (C) Compilation Content.

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