SPYV YTD Return Table
Start date: 12/31/2020
End date: 08/31/2021
Start price/share: $34.39
End price/share: $40.53
Starting shares: 290.78
Ending shares: 294.16
Dividends reinvested/share: $0.44
SPYV YTD return: 19.22%
Annualized Gain: 28.99%
Starting investment: $10,000.00
Ending investment: $11,922.00

SPYV YTD return is presented with the assumption of reinvestments of any dividends on ex-date.

SPYV YTD Return Chart

YTD Return on $10,000.00
With Dividends Reinvested Into SPYV

About SPDR Series Trust - SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETF
SPDR S&P 500 Value is an open-end investment management company. The Fund seeks to closely match the returns and characteristics of the S&P 500 Value Index. The S&P 500 Value Index measures the performance of the large-capitalization value sector in the United States equity market. The selection universe for the S&P 500 Index includes all United States common equities listed on the New York Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ) Global Select Market, NASDAQ Select Market and NASDAQ Capital Market. The SPYV YTD return is shown above.

The YTD Return on the SPYV YTD return page and across the coverage universe of our site, is a measure of the total return for a given investment year-to-date for the current calendar year (up to the end of prior trading session). Arguably, choosing the current calendar year for a measurement period is on the one hand completely arbitrary, but on the other hand a year-to-date look can be extremely useful in the context of our countrys tax system which taxes gains and income on a calendar year basis.

Thus, researching Year-To-Date Returns is good practice for investors — whether SPYV YTD return or other benchmarks/peers — and when doing so it is also important to factor in dividends, because a financial instruments YTD return is more than just the change in price if that instrument pays a dividend or coupon. Our website aims to empower investors by performing the SPYV YTD return calculation (with any dividends reinvested as applicable), and to provide a coverage universe of many stocks and ETFs to be able to compare YTD returns.

Video: Dont Forget Dividends in YTD Return!

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