Our Mission

Our mission is to function as an extremely private and highly confidential consulting firm, specifically engaged in new and existing business capital investment facilitation, interim C-Suite Level services, and business products; to guide and counsel, coordinate documentation and communication, while extensively protecting all parties, towards the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between those clients, investors and partners, whereby they may may all realize a successful venture.



Our acceptance of startup projects is based on their internal qualified, professional experience and the strength of the opportunity presented. Operational businesses looking for expansion capital are evaluated on their milestone achievements and their projected financial ability to service the investment.



The executive management of Status Group International is very pleased to introduce you to our business strategic facilitation services.

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About Status Group International

Our firm began as Status Group LLC in 2007. We envisioned a comprehensive, business development consultancy for new and existing businesses. Our goal was to provide a seamless strategy for the entrepreneur with various aspects of business services and in house professionals.

Status Group International today is truly a capital facilitation and business development consultancy with a team of investor resources, vetted and sourced, that can provide debt, equity or combination, as well as a C-Suite Executive team of professional service providers. Our associates are on every continent and continuously recommend qualified sponsors for our business services and seasoned investors.

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