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  • Denver

    “, so I started to peruse Craigslist. After a few days of unanswered inquires, I really started” more

    Responds in about 1 day

    51 locals recently requested a quote

  • Silversun

    “ possessions in a moving sale. I could have sold each item individually on Craigslist, or had a yard sale” more

  • Bellhop

    “ safer using this than I did some company on craigslist that would have been about the same price” more

    Responds in about 10 minutes

    15 locals recently requested a quote

  • Denver

    “I found this company on craigslist and should have known that they were shady! I spoke” more

    Responds in about 40 minutes

    849 locals recently requested a quote

  • DLM

    “They advertised Free dirt on Craigslist. I purchased 20 yards of dirt for $100. They deliver 10” more

    Responds in about 20 minutes

    3 locals recently requested a quote

  • Sports

    “ others, and its nice not to have the Craigslist hassles. The staff are a little gruff, but still” more

  • Denver

    “Movers were extremely nice but very slow. I purchased office furniture from Craigslist and hired” more

    Responds in about 10 minutes

    498 locals recently requested a quote

  • Bamboo

    “ was here in a vacation rental. Looked in Craigslist & saw one that I was interested in. Turns out it” more

  • Queen

    “ from her for two years. When we originally met, her posting on Craigslist was very accurate and she” more

    Responds in about 10 minutes

    3 locals recently requested a consultation

  • Local

    Offers commercial services

    “ a couch and a tv stand that I couldnt move on my own. (Next time Ill use Craigslist).I was denied” more

    Responds in about 30 minutes

    1,824 locals recently requested a quote

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    Is craigslist and zillow the only way to find rentals in denver?


    We buy reclaimed wood for furniture from The Lumber Guy: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-lumber-guy-denver. Lots on craigslist as well.


    I noticed some restaurant HW ads in Westword these last couple of issues. Craigslist Denver has a great employment listing.

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