Exmar will be responsible for chartering FPSO Búzios V, its first oil production unit in Brazil and second in the world, which will operate for Petrobras in the onerous assignment from 2021. BE Petroleo found that the two companies concluded in the week past trading that was ongoing about a month ago. On August 29, the contracting of the Belgian company will be submitted to the approval of the oil companys Board of Directors.

Before being referred to Petrobras CA, the hiring will be analyzed by the Executive Board.

The negotiations were concluded by the Corporate Affairs Board. The tender had prices open at the end of June. The value of the contract remains confidential, even with the end of the negotiations, but sources reveal that the daily rate was between US $ 635,000 and US $ 650,000.

The letter of intent for the charter of Búzios fifth production unit is due to be signed in September, when Excals general director of the company, David Lim, is scheduled to return to Brazil. to Petrobras.

Exmar will build the Búzios V FPSO from a new hull and the work will be divided between China and Brazil. The Belgian group is analyzing proposals from local shipyards to build the modules and will select its national partner by the end of September. The intention is to make modules in Brazil, but so far there is no confirmation whether the Belgian group will assemble and integrate here or in China. The work in China is directly linked to the financing group, which has a stake in six shipyards in the region. The market bet turns to China Merchant Heavy industry.

Búzios V will be Exmars first FPSO, which operates a unit of this type in Libya. Although it is new to the FPSO segment, the group has extensive experience in the field of gas vessels, holding more than eight FLNGs in the pipeline, operating in the cryogenics, cargo and transportation segment in various parts of the world, such as Africa and Oceania.

The Búzios V FPSO will be installed in the northern part of the field and will have the capacity to produce 180,000 barrels / day of oil and process 12 million m3 / day of gas. The term of charter will be of 21 years, with possibility of extension for equal period.

For now, Exmar does not have an office in Brazil and has been represented by Interoil. The Brazilian company is interested in forming a partnership with the Belgian group and does not rule out the possibility of joining another project investor in Brazil in the future.

The tender for the charter of the unit was launched in May 2017, outside the rules of Law 13303/2017. The Exmar proposal outweighed the price presented by Modec. (Source)

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