/ ˌen-(ˌ)ef-ˈtē How /

a : a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership (as of a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it) What Mr. Estavi bought wasnt the tweet itself, but a non-fungible token, or NFT, giving him a certificate of authenticity, license to display the tweet, and whatever bragging rights come along with it.— Jaren Kerr NFTs are certificates of ownership of a unique digital item such as a video, recording, or cyber artwork. These digital receipts reside on the blockchain …— Stephen Humphries

b : the asset that is represented by an NFT Christies sold the artwork as a non-fungible token (NFT), a craze for which has gripped Silicon Valleys elite.The Economist … an event ticket sold as an NFT could be embedded with a predetermined time for a personal meet-and-greet with the founder of a company or a brands celebrity spokesperson.— Andrew Faridani

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