Manage your route and driver fleet with ease.

Build, track and analyze your entire logistics operation.


Warehouse Logistics and Route/Driver Management

With DeliveryTrax™, dispatchers can easily manage their routes and drivers at the press of a button. DeliveryTrax™ employs various technologies to create a unique and efficient set of standard operating procedures for warehouse staff. This improves their order fulfillment and parts delivery accuracy across the organization.

Build and customize your routes

Make it work for your team! Using integrated mapping and geolocation tools, you can tailor your routes and driver settings.

Dealer Management System Integration

Integration with your dealership’s DMS (Dealer Management System) allows for consistent flow of data from the point of sale to delivery to the customer’s door.

Smart and Intuitive

Advanced forecast metrics show you which routes have the most miles to travel, parts on board, and longest time to delivery before you ship.

Powerful Reporting to Analyze Your Operation

How do you know how many parts are leaving your back door? How do you gauge the efficiency of your drivers? Let our route analytics and reports paint the story of what’s going on in your warehouse.

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