The Strange Statue Puzzle

This is one of the odder secret activites in Red Dead Redemption II. Seven creepy looking statues all stare at a harpy-looking statue. It’s spooky enough to keep people away, but solving this abstract puzzle will reward you with three gold bars!

There are two different locations tide together to this puzzle. If you’d like to attempt to solve this on your own, you may check out both locations. If you are just on the hunt for three quick gold bars, you simply need to visit the statue room and enter the solution.

The Statue Painting

Besides the room with the statues, there is a painting away from the cave that provides some details to help solve the puzzle. You can find the painting at Window Rock, which is north of Cumberland Forest. Walk beneath the overhang to find the painting in question. Push the prompt to add a drawing of it to your journal.

The Statue Room

The cave with the statues in question is east of Donner Falls and northeast of Bacchus Station. There is a hillside with rocks right off the road (the road right beneath the I in Ambarino). Walk in-between the rocks to find a small entrance to a cave. Inside is where you will find the statues.

For those of you that wish to attempt solving the puzzle now, go for it! You have all you need between the painting and the statue room. Good luck!


For those of you on the fast track for gold, look no further. Upon entering the room, the seven male statues will be surrounding the harpy-looking statue, which ought to be facing to the right. Their fingers indicate a value associated to the statue. Going clockwise around the circle, if you stand in front of the harpy statue, their values are 7, 6, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 3.


Each statue has a button on the front of it. You will need to press the buttons on the statues that are valued at 2, 3, 5, and 7. Once you press the buttons on these corresponding statues, the harpy statue will open up and reveal the three gold bars!

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