One of Fortnites Season 6 Week 8 challenges instructs players to collect research books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park, and a total of eight need to be obtained. In general, the research books can be found inside of structures at the two aforementioned locations, though some fans may have trouble tracking down the correct buildings. For those players that want to expedite their searches, this guide details the exact locations of eight of the research books in Fortnite.

To note, all of the research books highlighted in this guide are on the ground floors of the buildings that are indicated in the maps below. Furthermore, all but one of them are lying on the ground next to bookcases, and their blue glows makes them quite easy to spot. For full clarity, the outlier is the research book marked with a 4 in the Holly Hedges map, and Fortnite players will find it sitting next to a fireplace.

Fortnite: Research Book Locations for Season 6 Week 8 Challenge

  1. In the yellow house.
  2. In the brick house with the ornate front door.
  3. In the brown brick house.
  4. In the tall green house.
  5. In the brown house.
  1. In the green house with crooked windows.
  2. In the white brick house.
  3. In the red brick house.

Upon locating one of these research books, players should approach it and press the input that appears onscreen to interact with it. This action will cause the object to immediately disappear, and fans should find that they have received credit toward the relevant challenge. Ultimately, this will conclude upon interacting with the eighth book, at which point players will earn some XP and make some progress on Fortnites Season 6 Battle Pass.

This challenge is certainly not the only new opportunity for players to work on their Battle Passes, though, as there are a variety of additional tasks to complete. For example, there is another new challenge that asks fans to use one of Fortnites Firefly Jars at the Pizza Pit, and players may want to head to that location after they finish collecting the research books from Pleasant Park.

Additionally, there are a couple of tasks that center around Guardian Towers in Fortnite, and indeed there are two of these structures in the vicinity of Pleasant Park and Pizza Pit. This creates a good chance for players to overlap their challenges, and fans that are interested in earning XP as efficiently as possible should certainly consider doing just that.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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