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    One of the best independent bookshops in the city, love the place!

    Worth noting they also buy books for in-shop credit, the process is simple; you drop in a box, the owner looks through it within a week or two, keeps anything she likes to look of and credits your account,

    After that you completely forget about the whole transaction until your wife goes in and is reminded there is still a box of rejected books to collect and then spends all your credit on a book about flower arranging or babies or lapdogs.

    well worth dropping in!

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    I was well-impressed with Raven Books. They have quite a good selection of second hand books, which are generally in excellent condition. I definitely came across a good few that would pass for new books. Surprising in a small book shop

    Staff are really friendly and helpful and will order things for you no problem. Theyre also pretty good with recommendations. Definitely a place to rival chapters for  the second hand market - just a shame theyre outside my usual beat!

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    This is one of my favorite bookshops in Dublin. Its a mix of both new and second hand books all mixed up so you get the sense of being in a lovely library rather than a commercial bookshop. The ladies who work here are always helpful and knowledgeable. I often go in and just describe the person Im buying a book for and they give me recommendations. Clairvoyance free of charge ;)

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    Raven books is a fairly new book shop in Blackrock, well at least I hadnt seen it before.  They offer a mix of new books and second-hand ones, and for such a small bookshop they have a pretty good, quirky selection available.  They will order books for you if they dont have them in stock and theyll even try and find out-of-print books for you.  I love books and its so nice to find a bookshop, in which the owners are just as passionate about books! I thought it was a bit new-agey because the name of the shop comes from Norse mythology- Odins two ravens brought him news from the human world, but its not.  Definitely worth a look if you like books or just want to get out of the rain for a few minutes.


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