Gu means darkness, Ru means dispeller. One who dispels your darkness is a Guru.
— Sadhguru

Importance and Significance of Guru Purnima


The first full moon after the summer solstice in the month of Ashadha (July-August), is known as Guru Purnima. This sacred day marks the first transmission of the yogic sciences from Shiva – the Adiyogi or first yogi – to his first disciples, the Saptarishis, the seven celebrated sages. Thus, the Adiyogi became the Adi Guru or first Guru on this day. The Saptarishis carried this knowing throughout the world and even today, every spiritual process on the planet draws from the spine of knowing created by Adiyogi.

How you can celebrate Guru Purnima



Nada Aradhana Live
11:40 AM - 12:10 PM IST

Listen to Nada Aradhana, an offering of sound to Dhyanalinga, live from wherever you are.


Live Sadhguru Satsang

Join this yearly auspicious Satsang to soak in the grace of the Guru and receive His blessings.

Offer food to the sanyasis, brahmacharis, residents, and volunteers at the Isha Yoga Center.

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