It is a very busy place to work

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it is a very busy day and there is a lot of hot work going on. The hardest part is being on your feet all day for hours in heat. I learned that u should listen more and say less.

Guaranteed job placement

For the short time that I’ve worked there it’s been a nice experience working hands-on learning new trades helpful employees guaranteed job security advancement great pay convenient hours

Bad attitude

Manager, supervisor and crew leader all are friends with nasty attitudes pick and choose who they want to fire base off if they like their not , morning noon attitudes are horrible make you hate the company (firewatching )


It really taught me a lot of patients. Dealing with multiple attitudes and still being able to get the job done. The staff is awesome and are willing to help with any problems

Its a good company to me.

Overall i love working for Venture Dynamics its a pretty good company be patient at getting a job with them keep trying youll get with them if you are.


I think venture will carry people far if they give the company a chance.

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Good Company

Which dynamic is a good company to work for good people in the office only problem is Shipyard is it’s like a feast or famine when the work is good work is good but when there’s no work you back to drawing unemployment

Basic work day

Always staying busy with the amount of work they have. Most of the time is working with new people and learning new things from other you meet, which I think is pretty awesome.

Great Company

Great experience will work for them again. Everything was on point far as what I was told and they take care of their employees. Had great 3 year experience

Thank you for opprounity

Thankyou for opp. They were safe days i was greatful nothing happened major. Had some incidents. God was with all. I always looked forward going to work to provide for my children.

Poor Management,

Not a good company. O would not recommend this company to anyone for work. The people dont care about their employees and it is a lot of favoritism in the company.

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The staff in the bremerton office were down to earth and helped us when needed. Typical work day was out in the Naval Vessels assisting welders and ventilation for all workers

Great Place To Be.

Great Place To Be, Just Not Enough Consistent Work. The Pay Could Be A Little Better Or Added Benefits. Over All It Is Good When It Is Flowing. The hours, Placement And Supervisor Interaction.


Working When The Work Is Available.


Bit Lower Pay For The Work, Not Enough Work.

Great job to work

I actually love working there really didn’t have any problems really took no days off my boss was very nice the employees where easy to get along with nice job was very happy

Productive and competitive workplace.

From my experience at Venture Dynamics takes care of their employees. They would assign us to our work area, walk us through what they wanted us to do to get our job done and let us do our work. The job was pretty laid back, there isnt really a hard part to the job if you love hands on work.


overall fun enviornment

Simple and pretty easy job..

Typical day at work was me watching my spot and keep it clean while the welder weld.. I learned how to get around on the boat... Hardest part of the job was carrying the bottle all over the boat


A typical day a work was relaxing,i have learned to try and work together as a team,management was good,the workplace was busy and stress free,the job was not hard,enjoyable part was working overtime.

contracts that fit my skill level.

I was able to do work i havent done in many years but was very familiar with which made work productive and enjoyable at the same time. I did however learn a few new things such as using a stud shooting machine.

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