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The stock market investment seems to be a lucrative segment for money-making! Indeed, it is. However, that’s possible when you choose the right path. You can make good money from the stock market by trading in the best performing stocks. But before you make your mind on the best share to buy and go ahead with that, you first need to have an investment strategy. Because you cannot succeed in the stock market without a disciplined approach. By this, we mean to say knowing the best stocks to buy today can only make sense when you have a sound strategy; a solid foundation.

Don Hays (a renowned stock market strategist from America) said,

“Emotions are your worst enemy in the stock market”.

Though the investment in the stock market is an interesting activity, it is not easy at all. Because the stock market is a deep world. It offers numerous kinds of investment opportunities to you, spread across short, medium and long term avenues. Also, there are many investment styles. Swing Trading is one of those. And before we dive into the stock market tips that can help you get better returns, let’s explore Swing Trading.

What is Swing Trading?

It is one of the favoured trading techniques when it comes to active trading. Swing trading is the method of earning profits in the stock market, arising out of ‘swings’ over a very small duration by buying or selling the stocks by looking at the upward or downward trend (upswing & downswing). The swing trading duration can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks; the average time frame is a week or 15 days. It is a great way to make good money in a short period.

However, it works well only when you know the basics along with the best stocks to buy in India for short term (backed by analysis). Well, we are going to see some tips for the successful outcomes in swing trading, but ahead of that, we should see why swing trading?

Benefits of Swing Trading

  • Swing trading is a hot method of trading in the stock market, and probably the best, for those who are impatient. Because in this, unlike long-term stock investment, you can earn money sooner. Here, you are not supposed to patiently wait for the optimum time to sell the stock. Instead, things go with the market flows, and you have the chance to generate significant results from opportunities arising out of the regular market movements.
  • By being active in the market regularly and watching the trends, you tend to find a higher number of the best performing stocks. In turn, you can diversify your investment portfolio and flatten the risk as the suggestion list of stocks to buy today will have more options every time. Moreover, you can remain invested throughout while making money by regular buy and sell.
  • Regular churning of money allows you to tap the opportunities at the best time as you need not wait for the funds because there is no blockage of money as it happens in the case of long-term investment. As a result, you can generate more return with limited funds too.
  • Swing trading is a mid-way out – between long term investment and day trading. You are doing a lesser number of trades as compared to day trading so spending lesser in the name of brokerage but earning quite well, without holding positions for longer.
  • You need not be a full-time trader. And if you are one, that’s even better as you will get more time for analysis.
  • Swing trading is based on technical analysis. You have to focus mainly on the market moves; it is not necessary to pay heed to the fundamentals of the company while deciding about which stocks to buy today.

Advice For Success in Swing Trade

Swing trading is not plain sailing. So, for success, it is crucial to possess the ability to read technical charts. It tells you which stocks to buy today, when to enter and exit the market, etc. The knowledge of technical indicators helps you recognise the trends and can save you from big losses. Like a trader can look for trade volume, volatility, RSI, pattern; there are many more. Further, it is imperative to have a stop loss and keep a check on the support and resistance level. With conceptual clarity, you can get an answer to the question – what are the appropriate stocks to buy today, easily.

Some General Stock Market Tips

  • Set your financial goals, risk appetite, investment duration. Also, decide the amount of investment.
  • Take practical decisions.
  • Diversify your portfolio.
  • If you are unable to devote time to stock market analysis, take help from the stock advisor on matters like stocks to buy today, when to sell any stock, etc. Because random calls can hurt.
  • Don’t be over-speculative.
  • Keep a close watch on your portfolio.

Well, there’s a lot to do while curating a list of stocks to buy today!

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