Before finding the total Demat account let’s understand first, every share which is traded on the exchanges which are NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) are stored in Demat Account in dematerialized(Electronic) form. So every trader and investor who is buying and selling for trading and investment and participating in the share market need a Demat account.

For this Demat account, there are only two departments or service provider which provide Demat account to the customer. These service providers are known as Security Depository Service Providers, which allows the customer to store their securities such as shares, bonds, government securities, etc. in Demat form in Demat account. NSDL(National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL(Central Depository Service limited) are two security depository Service providers in India. But these two providers do not give the direct option to customer to open Demat account, but they allow to open Demat account through their representative which is known as” Depository Participant”. This Depository participant is the Brokers who provide a Trading account.

The Brokers have become Depository Participant of one of the Security depository service Provider(NSDL or CDSL). And after that, the broker jointly provides a Demat and Trading account to the customer. We can’t see, separate account but it is a combination of two accounts that we use when we opened an account to brokers.

Total Demat Account on NSDL

The National Security Depository Limited is the oldest Security Depository Service Provider in India. The data of every Demat account opened through NSDL Depository Participant Broker are shown on the website of NSDL which you can see here and this data regularly get updated.

As per the latest updated data of the Total Demat Account opened in NSDL on the date of 31st March 2021, is 2,16,89,563 with a total depository participant service center of 36,044 with a total Demat custody value of 243.74 Lakh Crore. It means a total of 2,16,89,563 Individuals have opened Demat Account on NSDL and participate in the Share market of India.

Total Demat Account on CDSL

The Central Depository Security Limited is new as compare to NSDL in security Service provider service. CDSL provides their Demat account data with Depository Participant and Total Number of Demat Custody Value on their website. You can click here to check that data.

As per the date of 31st March 2021, the total Demat Account opened on CDSL is 3,34,37,873 with a total number of Depository participants of 592 with a total of 274.39 lakh Crore of Demat custody value. It means a total of 3,34,37,873 individual people have opened their Demat account on CDSL for share market participation.

Combine Demat Account of NSDL and CDSL

As per NSDL and CDSL Demat account data,

Demat Account on NSDL is 2,16,89,563 ——(1)

Demat Account on CDSL is 3,34,37,873 ——-(2)

so, Total Demat Account in India on date of 31 March 2021 is ,

2,16,89,563 + 3,34,37,873 = 5,51,27,436

Total Number od active Demat Account in India is 5,51,27,436 on 31st march 2021.

What is the percentage of Indians who participate in the Share Market of India?

On this date, while this article is being written, the total number of population of India on 2019 record is 136.64 Crore and a Total number of Demat account holder is 5,51,27,436 which is the same as 5.51 crore.

Percentage of People Participate is,



In percentage is, 0.0432*100= 4.03%

So In India, only approx. 4% of the total Indian Population participate in the Indian Share Market. Even in this total Demat account, there are many accounts that are just opened and not active in the market trading and investment. So the actual Participant can even be lower than the 4% of the total population.

What is the Total Number of Demat Accounts on NSDL?

The Total Number of Demat Accounts on NSDL is 2,16,89,563 on March 2021.

What is the Total Number of Demat Accounts on CDSL?

The Total Number of Demat Accounts on CDSL is 3,34,37,873 on March 2021.

Total Number of Demat Accounts in India?

Total Number of Demat account in India is 5,51,27,436 on March 2021.

What is the percentage of Indians who participate in Indian share market?

Near about 4% Indians participate in share market of India though trading and Investment in shares, mutual funds, bonds, etc. .


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