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Are you planning to diversify a large sum of money in order to increase your returns? Heres how to invest your money more wisely. A lump sum investment is one of the most profitable ways to invest in a Mutual Fund. By conducting their due diligence on fund schemes that are based on their risk appetite and suited for their financial goals, an investor can enjoy many benefits that this type of investment in Mutual Fund schemes has to offer.

There are mutual funds if you are willing to take on some risk in exchange for high returns, and there are mutual funds if you want to take a lower risk but still want the benefit of higher equity returns. There are also some funds that can guarantee you a certain amount of return.

You may have received a gratuity or your RD account may have matured, leaving you with a lump sum amount in your hands. You may be considering putting this large sum in mutual funds to earn decent returns, regardless of where the money came from.


Long Term Investments in Mutual funds

Long-term investments are used to fund long-term goals such as college education, a home, retirement, and so on. As a result, select a fund that will help you build wealth. Long-term goals have a time horizon of more than ten years, and equity-oriented schemes (equity allocation of more than 65 percent) are one of the greatest long-term investment options. Equities offer a stronger growth potential than hybrid and debt funds, albeit being more volatile in the short term. A well-diversified equity fund is more likely to provide consistent long-term growth.

These funds put their money into the equities of huge corporations. Blue-chip stocks are large-cap stocks with a high market capitalization. These funds invest in companies that have the potential to generate consistent year-over-year growth and significant profitability, as well as long-term stability.


5 Best Mutual Funds for Lumpsum Investment for Long Term

Fund NAV 1 Year Trailing Return 5 Year Return
Canara Robeco Bluechip 41.24 53.82% 18.31%
Edelweiss Fund 52.89 52.99% 15.41%
BNP Paribas Large-cap Fund 137.8 47.03% 14.59%
Axis Bluechip 46.07. 48.47% 17.89%
LIC MF Large Cap Fund 39.43. 48.05% 13.92%

Top 5 Best Mutual Funds for Lumpsum Investment in Small Cap Mutual Funds

Small-cap funds are essential for investors with long-term financial objectives. After large-cap funds, it has been recognized that small-cap funds do exceptionally well. When the market is bullish, they may provide exceptional gains. Investing in small-cap funds is risky since they are susceptible to market volatility. When it comes to portfolio growth, small caps are the best option. When opposed to large caps, which have already reached their top, the investment has the potential to develop tremendously. . Investors will be able to balance the risk-return tradeoff and diversify their entire portfolio, lowering their total risk, by investing in small-cap.


Top 5 Best Mutual Funds for Lumpsum Investment in Small Cap Mutual Funds

Fund NAV 1 Year 5 Year
Axis Small Cap Fund 54.8. 81.28% 21.26%
Kotak Small Cap Fund 153.47. 120.46% 21.51%
SBI Small Cap Fund 98.43. 88.03% 23.49%
Nippon India Small Cap 75.45. 106.76% 22.53%
ICICI Prudential Smallcap Fund 45.76. 107.62% 17.84%

5 Best Debt Short Term funds for Short term investors

They invest in short-term debt instruments with maturities ranging from 6 to 12 months, ultra short-term funds are an excellent investment for 6-12 months with low risk and predictable returns.

Short-term funds are debt funds that lend money to businesses for one to three years. These funds typically invest exclusively in high-quality enterprises with a track record of timely loan repayment and adequate cash flow from operations to warrant the borrowing.

Short-term mutual funds are open-ended mutual funds with maturity duration of 15 to 91 days. The maturity term of these funds varies based on the underlying instruments maturity period. These funds are primarily invested in high-quality, low-risk assets. For risk-averse investors, this fund is a terrific choice. Short-term mutual funds are appropriate for investors with a time horizon of less than 6 months. These funds are a better choice for storing surplus funds than a traditional savings account. Short-term funds can generate significantly larger returns than bank deposits while also providing much-needed liquidity.


5 Best Debt Short Term funds for Short Term investors

Fund NAV 1 Year Return
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund 35.93. 5.74%
Nippon India Credit Risk Fund 25.05. 9.3%
Invesco India Short Term Fund 3,069.45. 5.67%
SBI Short Term Debt Fund 26.38 5.54%
Tata Short-term Bond Fund 41.01. 5.99%


Mutual fund investments are exposed to market risks; thoroughly read all scheme-related materials. The NAVs of the schemes may rise or fall in response to variables and pressures impacting the securities market, such as interest rate variations. The recommendations and reviews do not guarantee fund performance and should not be interpreted as a judgement of the creditworthiness of a fund or its underlying securities.

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