/ ˈtred How /

trod/ ˈträd How / also treaded; trodden/ ˈträ-​dᵊn How / or trod; treading

transitive verb

1a : to step or walk on or over

b : to walk or proceed along : follow treading a fine line between tradition and innovation

b : to execute by stepping or dancing tread a measure

3a : to beat or press with the feet : trample

b : to subdue or repress as if by trampling : crush

4 : to copulate with used of a male bird

intransitive verb

1 : to move or proceed on or as if on foot must tread lightly

2a : to set foot has gone where others fear to tread

b : to put ones foot : step carelessly treading on the flowers

tread on ones toes

: to give offense (as by encroaching on ones rights or feelings)

tread water

: to keep the body nearly upright in the water and the head above water by a treading motion of the feet usually aided by the hands

1a(1) : the part of a wheel or tire that makes contact with a road or rail

(2) : the pattern of ridges or grooves made or cut in the face of a tire

b : the part of a shoe or boot sole that touches the ground also : the pattern on the bottom of a sole

2a : the upper horizontal part of a step

b : the width of such a tread

3a : manner of stepping

c(1) : the action of treading

(2) : an act or instance of treading : step

4 : a mark (something, such as a footprint or the imprint of a tire) made by or as if by treading

5 : the distance between the points of contact with the ground of the two front wheels or the two rear wheels of a vehicle

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