This BK generally serves better quality than they serve in the restaurants in downtown Amsterdam. However the quality is even better when visiting BK elsewhere in the country. Generally this is a quiet restaurant. Still there is a line at the single cash register and the undermanned kitchen has to prepare your food fresh as they dont have anything ready to grab when you order. I guess, as far as the quality is concerned, getting it fresh is better. However all in all the average time between getting in line and receiving your food is roughly 10 minutes, which hardly qualifies as fastfood. The restaurant is close to A10 motorway Amsterdam West, yet the local roads leading to the restaurant are poorly constructed requiring you to take a few odd detours and turns to get there. Best use a satnav when not familiar with the area. Aiming at anywhere on Isolatorweg Amsterdam will do. The restaurant offers free customer parking for an hour, on their own lot. Streetparking is paid mo-fr though, even in front of the restaurant entrance. Be careful as paid parking is enforced heavily in this city!! The restaurant has a drive through in the rear, by their parking lot. Here too you have an hour between entering and leaving the drive and lot, 50 minutes when deducting the average wait time. Opening hours are reasonable throughout the afternoon and halfway into the night. They dont open too late though, possibly by demand of the Ibis hotel wanting to reduce car noise at night for their guests? Keep this in mind when visiting. Prices are conform all BK restaurants in the country. They charge higher prices at Schiphol airport and sometimes at railway station restaurants. For a neat selection of discounts grab their app for your smartphone, I generally use it on every visit yay. Also usable at most other restaurants in Western Europe, after selecting the correct country. Service is okay, could be better but Ive grown accustom to a low standard for fastfood restaurants in the greater Amsterdam area. Its just the way it is.. The restaurant is your basic average BK interior, easy to clean but never quite clean. After passing a few tables youll find one that will do, though. Decorations are those of american popular culture of the past decades, with accents of comicbooks, neon, rock n roll diner. Everything has a plastic feel to it. It suits the formula just right. When in the area, this is an okay stopover when you dont want to get anything classy but some solid food in your stumach.More

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