Welcome to the Live Crude Oil Price in Dollars (OIL USD) page within our Live Crude Oil Prices and Live Commodities section. The live OIL USD gold prices in Dollars you see here are updated every 3 seconds real-time. Convert the gold prices into the major currencies, without the need to refresh the page. Also provided is the live OIL USD intraday chart, and the OIL USD historical data and gold price historical charts...

Live Crude Oil Dollars price: us OIL USD
69.05500 +0.56 +0.82%
Updated 08:11:22 Day Low 68.44500
Last Daily 68.49500 Day High 69.19500

Live Crude Oil Price in Dollars Today


1 OIL 69.06 USD
5 OIL 345.28 USD
10 OIL 690.55 USD
50 OIL 3452.75 USD
100 OIL 6905.5 USD
500 OIL 34527.5 USD
1000 OIL 69055 USD
10000 OIL 690550 USD

Crude Oil Price in Dollars History


Chart: 7D | 14D | 1M | 3M | 6M

Tuesday 31 August 2021OIL/USD68.45500
Monday 30 August 2021OIL/USD69.16000
Sunday 29 August 2021OIL/USD69.26000
Saturday 28 August 2021OIL/USD68.66500
Friday 27 August 2021OIL/USD68.66500
Thursday 26 August 2021OIL/USD67.88500
Wednesday 25 August 2021OIL/USD67.99500

For full history please visit OIL/USD history page

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