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  • Argonaut


    “This is the best liquor store in Denver. If you live anywhere near it you have no excuse not to shop here. Huge selection and great prices. I love their deals on Colorado microbrews…” more

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  • Pacific


    “The absolute WORST Asian supermarket in Denver. I will never cheat on H Mart again. There are no” more

  • Pacific


    “ and you need to ask the man behind the counter to pick them up for you. We all know that Asian more

  • H


    “H Mart has everything Ive ever needed in an Asian supermarket! I grew up in the South where my” more

  • Viet


    “This is a great Asian supermarket. Its clean (did i say its clean?) and the staff is friendly” more

  • H


    “I especially like Asian supermarkets, especially Hmark. I will choose here in every place in” more

  • Park


    “Honestly - getting to federal BLVD and Aurora is a pain for me. I live in the City Park/Congress Park area - so I love love that I can drive 2 miles to find a…” more

  • Pacific


    “Super huge Asian supermarket that sells large varieties of food, snack, drinks, and home” more

  • Little


    “ pieces of marine life, and cheap curry paste. Its exactly what youd expect from your local Asian supermarket, and Im glad I finally stopped by.” more

  • Midopa


    “Such sweet, nice, & friendly owners and workers there! Having just moved to CO, I was absolutely desperate for some Korean food & goodies, and they totally…” more

  • New


    “I love love love Asian grocers! It doesnt matter that they all stock pretty much the same things, I still spend way too long looking at each and every item.…” more

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  • Applejack


    “What to say about this place that hasnt already been said? We are fans of this place for sure. Sadly, or happily, a lot of our hard earned cash goes here. It is a bit of a ride out…” more

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    What are people saying about International Grocery in Denver, CO?

    This is a review for International Grocery in Denver, CO:

    The absolute WORST Asian supermarket in Denver. I will never cheat on H Mart again. There are no carts inside unless you bring your own from the parking lot. They are stocking every shelf in the middle of the shopping day on Saturday, and every aisle is full of boxes so you cant move. The prices are expensive compared to any other Asian supermarket in Denver. Get this: two dragon fruit cost $18. Yes, thats $9 per fruit. I know theyre imported but thats exorbitant. Their soup bones are expensive. Only the chicken was reasonably priced. And approximately 20% of items in the frozen section actually have prices on the shelves, so its a guessing game. Save your time and money and go to H Mart or even Viet Hoa.

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