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Special operators are already dealing with a shady piece of Chinese technology the US has been warning about.

Compromised telecommunications networks could give adversaries an opportunity to monitor and attack US personnel.

Cardanos ada saw record weekly inflows ahead of the upcoming alonzo network upgrade: CoinShares

Inflows into ada-backed investment products hit all-time highs in the latest week ahead of an upgrade to the cardano network, according to CoinShares.

Meet the 15 power players of streaming-video marketing, from Netflixs CMO to the teams at Disney+ and HBO Max

Streamers drove $890 million in ad spending in 2020. Here are the sectors top marketers, from Bozoma Saint John to Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo.

New Zealands COVID-19 elimination strategy appears to be working as cases fall for 3 consecutive days

The countrys strict lockdown appears to be containing an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant.

4 Reasons to press pause on social audio

But any marketer thats active in social media should weigh the drawbacks of entering social audio right now—heres why.

Sellers reveal why theyre leaving Etsy for Shopify, as the fight between e-commerce platforms heats up

Online sellers have a lot of choices for running their business. For some Etsy sellers looking for more freedom, Shopify is becoming more attractive.

The mother-daughter duo behind the thrift-store chain Buffalo Exchange explains how they built a $100 million company from used clothes

The secondhand market is expected to double in size, reaching $77 billion by 2025, but Buffalo Exchange is already ahead of the trend.

Zooms CEO thanks Charlie Munger for embracing Zoom during the pandemic — and offers his personal tech support

Munger, Warren Buffetts 97-year-old business partner, loves the video-conferencing tool and expects it to replace lots of travel.

Bidens child tax credit kept 3 million children out of poverty in just its first round of payments

If Bidens child allowance program gets extended, the US could see a 40% annual drop in child poverty, according to The Urban Institute.

How much is a life worth? Refugee advocates ask Biden to waive fees for fleeing Afghans

Paying the fee does not guarantee application approval, and for families in the US seeking to sponsor relatives in Afghanistan, the fees can add up.

Read the pitch deck a Cornell grad used to raise $500,000 in seed funding for her millennial art gallery

Alix Greenberg started ArtSugar to turn artists followers into customers by providing the business and marketing side of selling their work.

Tech 2021-08-27T19:20:42Z

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said the company would pledge money towards Black Lives Matter last year, but it has yet to fulfill that promise

The company said they were committed to donating to the Black Live Matter organization last summer following the death of George Floyd.

See the states that have the most biotech firms and the financial incentives they offer

Most US biotech companies are concentrated in only a handful of places around the country, including the Boston and San Francisco areas.

Tech 2021-08-27T20:48:31Z

Hisenses new U8G is the brightest 4K TV Ive seen for under $1,500

The 65-inch Hisense U8G offers genuine flagship performance for a mid-range price. Heres our full review.

Travel 2021-08-31T11:07:00Z

A cruise line is offering 2 around-the-world cruises in 2023 after its previous global sailings sold out in record time

Both of Vikings world cruises will depart from Florida in late December 2023. Prices start at about $55,000 per person.

These 3 Canadian banks offer the most in-demand emerging mobile features

The Canadian banks offering the most desirable mobile features in 2021 are RBC, TD Canada, and BMO, according to Insider Intelligence.


Top Stories this AM: Trump mad media focused on hurricane; COVID-19 vaccines preventing hospitalization; Hurricane Ida evacuees still waiting to go home

You look at CNN and you look at MSDNC, these are horrible. Unfortunately, theyre way down in ratings, but all they wanna talk about is the hurricane or anything else they can talk about, he said.

The father of a Marine killed in the Kabul attack says Biden bristled when he told the president to learn the victims stories

Mark Schmitz confronted Biden at a Sunday ceremony to repatriate the remains of his son, who was killed last week in an attack at Kabul airport.

10 things before the opening bell

Stocks close higher, Hurricane Ida rages on, and Chinese stocks fall out of investors rotation.

A former US military interpreter stranded in Afghanistan says nobody told her the last flight out of the country was leaving

The unnamed American citizen, who was trying to secure passage from Kabul for herself and Afghans, said she wasnt told the last flight was leaving.

Photos show Taliban fighters posing in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force plane after the US withdrew its troops and left equipment behind

The Taliban is seizing equipment that militaries left behind, though the US said it disabled some of its equipment so no one else can use them.

Biden has canceled $9.5 billion in student debt so far. At this pace hed wipe out less than 5% of the total over his 4 years in office.

About 0.6% of the nations student debt is gone. Without the universal forgiveness Biden promised, an expert told Insider theres a long way to go.

Why are SpaceX and Blue Origin fighting over NASAs lunar lander contract?

SpaceX won NASAs contract to return astronauts to the moon. Heres why Blue Origin is mad about it.

FedEx is launching a machine learning system to generate more accurate delivery estimates that update in real-time

Testing has already begun with a major e-commerce customer, said Sriram Krishnasamy, CEO of FedEx Dataworks, the companys internal tech shop.

News 2021-08-27T17:36:43Z

CVS limits the number of COVID rapid tests a customer can buy as cases of the Delta variant spike

CVSs COVID test supplier, Abbott Laboratories, is behind on demand due to fewer workers and slower factory lines.

Retail 2021-08-26T16:56:03Z

Golf exploded in popularity during the pandemic, but the global supply chain crisis is making new clubs hard to buy

There were 24.8 million golfers in 2020, up 2% from 2019 — the biggest net increase in 17 years, the National Golf Foundation reported.

18 immigration lawyers who help tech startups land top talent from abroad

In todays workplace, immigration lawyers hold the keys to a startups No. 1 competitive advantage: its people.

3 reasons its too soon to cut off expanded unemployment, according to Brookings

The center-left think tank joined the chorus calling for extended federal unemployment. Heres why it aligned with progressives calling for a renewal.

Bidens Labor Department just said people on unemployment could get a one-time check from states after benefits expire on Labor Day

Millions of workers are set to lose their benefits on Labor Day, but the Labor Department says states can give them one-off payments.

The 4 essential skills to put on your resume to find remote work in 2021

Finding work now is a different ballgame from what it was pre-pandemic — digitization has sped up, tech is more advanced, and remote work is the norm.

News 2021-08-31T06:58:39Z

Sean Hannity says Biden and everyone involved in Afghanistan withdrawal should be fired

Everyone involved should be fired....They all need to be held responsible for this unmitigated disaster. Yes, Joe Biden too, fired, Hannity said.

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