BGCG’s objective is to provide shareholders with equity exposure to the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, Australia and India. It aims to outperform the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Free index (£). It has a multi-manager approach, currently employing four complementary managers: Aberdeen Standard Investments, Dalton Investments, Matthews International Capital Management and Robeco Institutional Asset Management.

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Investment summary

Baillie Gifford China Growth (BGCG) is a recent entrant to Ballie Gifford’s (BG) house philosophy of investing alongside current trendsetters and future large-scale potential winners. It emerged in September 2020 as BG took over management of the trust, changing the strategy from broader Asia Pacific equities to a mandate of pure Chinese equities (see our initiation note on BGCG). Despite negative newsflow on China over the past few months clouding last year’s euphoria around investing in Chinese equities, the investment case stands firm. Amid heightened risks, for the time being China appears to welcome foreign investors, as it remains in expansion mode within the global financial markets.

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Price performance

Actual (4.2) (10.7) 12.3
Relative* (6.0) (12.7) (7.7)
52-week high/low 640.0p/369.0p
*% relative to local index
Key management
Susan Platts-Martin Chairman
James Hart Investment Director

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