1. Hello, I Was wondering if there was a plugin to enable crude oil to be collected VIA survey charges, in order to enable players to place pumpjacks?
  2. this was removed by the devs dont think thats possible anymore
  3. you can add pumpjacks via the Build tool. Other than that, no chance.
  4. Is there anyway to modify the pumpjacks you place? From what Ive seen they only give 1 crude per 10 lgf.
  5. Not individual ones, to my knowledge.

    Check out the GatherManager mod to change them globally though.

  6. @-FCON- Crossblue @C-Block There is 2 pumpjacks in the build menu. There is a regular and a static. Regular will be dependant on the oil in the ground (The oil is still technically there) and the statick pumpjack with give you a 1 for 1 LG to crude. I dont remember the plant numbers off the top of my head tho.
  7. I was unaware there was a 2nd in the build menu.
  8. [09/01/2016 20:31:43] 103 - assets/bundled/prefabs/static/pumpjack-static.prefab - This will go 1:1 - Standard one at radtowns
    [09/01/2016 20:31:43] 187 - assets/prefabs/deployable/oil jack/mining.pumpjack.prefab - This depends on grounds oil content
  9. Whats the command for the second pumpjack? The one I am using /deploy Pump Jack is the one giving 1 crude per 10 LGF. I cant seem to figure out how to change the Gather Rate VIA GatherRate Plugin, unless I am blind as a bat.
  10. Look above, I literately just posted it
    [DOUBLEPOST=1473762901][/DOUBLEPOST]Gather Manager for Rust | Oxide
    Command: gather.rate quarry Crude X

    Replace X with your multiplyer
    [DOUBLEPOST=1473762946][/DOUBLEPOST]Pumpjacks are considered quarries in the sence of Gather Manager

  11. Aye, I actually just figured that one out as you posted it.
  12. hi
    When i type gather.rate quarry Crude Oil :
    Crude is not a valid resource. Check gather.resources for a list of available options.
    Is there any option to set pumpjack deployable (187 - assets/prefabs/deployable/oil jack/mining.pumpjack.prefab) on ground to work without ground oil, like static pumpjack(103 - assets/bundled/prefabs/static/pumpjack-static.prefab)?
  13. gather.rate quarry Crude Oil

    Crude Oil is 2 words so you need the around crude oil

  14. Thank You:)
    Works that command now.
    But on pumpjack deployable (187 - assets/prefabs/deployable/oil jack/mining.pumpjack.prefab) will not work with this right?
    Only when i set static pumpjack(103 - assets/bundled/prefabs/static/pumpjack-static.prefab) works gather.rate quarry command.
    Is possible to set pumpjack deployable and will work? I want to be pump jack destructible.

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