Founder of True Market Insiders, Chris Rowe, has been involved with some of the most dynamic companies to emerge from the financial services sector.

ChrisWorking within the financial services industry since 1995, Chris held various senior positions at money management and investment banking firms where he served high-net worth and institutional investors.

Since 1996, he has been analyzing and managing investment portfolios of publicly traded equities, debt securities, derivatives, options, commodities and private securities.  Since 2003, he has been publishing financial analysis, education and editorial.

He consulted for large hedge funds identifying attractive investment opportunities, writing reports and helping them hedge positions.

He was as an active underwriter of both initial public offerings and secondary/follow-on offerings, some of which acted as the investment banker placing angel investors’ money into the private placements.

As mentioned, Chris Rowe currently is the CIO of Rowe Wealth Management, a registered investment advisory firm.  He is the non-executive chairman of True Market Insiders.

In 2004, Rowe co-founded a financial publishing firm, Tycoon Publishing LLC, which published sophisticated and unbiased research for individual as well as professional investors.

It also launched an online classroom platform with over a dozen online video and webinar courses taught by professional money managers, a hedge fund manager and exchange floor options market makers and an options specialist.

Chris created and launched algorithmic automated trading systems and created technical indicators and investment tools from raw market data.  The firm signed up tens of thousands of investors to the various classes investing school and as subscribers of the data services.

At Tycoon Publishing, Chris managed two trading services, was the author of a free newsletter, created two online technical analysis courses (each of which was 20 hours of content with quizzes, exercises, exams etc.), authored and published a technical analysis book Chris Rowes Internal Strength System and co-created an options course with an options floor specialist.

Prior to 2004, he was an active investor and wealth manager in cutting-edge financial services firms.

In 2000 although the general stock market was headed south at the time, Initial Public Offerings were still hot.  So Chris went on to become the third employee and V.P. at (owned by Mercer Partners), a pioneer in providing individual investors access to initial public offerings (typically restricted only to institutional investors or ultra wealthy individuals) via the internet.

During his tenure, at IPO, he assembled large groups of investors, bringing them broader exposure to the pre-IPO investments and privately owned high yield bonds, convertible bonds and PIPE offerings.   Chris utilized these and other types of financial instruments to help individual investors and corporations meet their financial objectives.

From 1999 through Q2 2000, Chris worked for a New York Stock Exchange member firm, H.D. Brous, which specialized in short-sale/bearish trading ideas.  At H.D. Brous, Chris also participated in underwriting numerous initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary/follow-on offerings and private placements.

In 1995, at age 17, Chris started his career on Wall Street in New York City at investment bank and broker-dealer. Throughout “the roaring 90s”, the majority of the capital Chris managed was invested in equities, bonds, index funds and sophisticated equity options strategies.  He managed and hedged many of the firm’s largest accounts and assisted on the trading desk, assisting the traders in trading the firm’s capital.

Today, Mr. Rowe spends his free time enjoying his family.  In addition to True Market Insiders/True Market Insiders, he also contributes editorial to various financial publishing firms and websites.  Rowe continues to follow his passion of providing individuals and professional investors with tools, data and investment education.

His latest and, as he calls it, his new permanent passion is converting investors into dynamic tactical investors using relative strength investing.

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