ZCode Line Reversal is a powered application that serves to be incredibly useful when used in the form of a sports betting indicator.

It helps in determining the way line moves and the way odds keep changing throughout the day on varied sports events.

The app helps users in identifying the sharp cash moves while avoiding betting against Vegas odd makers. The app also highlights Vegas public percentages on the teams of the users.

It is important for you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of this application prior to putting it to good use.

The Usefulness of ZCode Line Reversals


The ZCode Line Reversal app shows its users where the sharp bettors or high rollers place their bets. This helps the users in following the trend and betting with them and not against them.

It also helps them in filtering the confidence of their bets and in getting much more in the form of winning bets. Take for example, you are trying to bet on Yankees and all of a sudden you find a line Reversals against them which means that high rollers are placing huge bets on the opponent.

Immediately, you can pull off your confidence and this will help you in saving a huge amount of cash. Of course, the high rollers do not win all the time but you might be surprised to find that this tool serves to be accurate as it helps the bettors in winning several times.

Line Reversals and Its Effectiveness


The line reversals app by ZCode System is one of the most well-known features of the system enabling the members to have the sight of live changes on odds and live movements of lines at varied intervals during the day.

It is a must-have tool specifically designed for the serious investors who want to make it big and earn huge amounts of money in the field of sports betting.

It is also one of the best tools for the individuals who want to view live changes of spreads, lines, odds along with public percentages, charts and totals on a certain team.

To be explained in simple terms, this tool helps users in making smart financial decisions while driving them away from situations of betting blindly.

Main Features of the Application

Line Reversals comes as one of the best solutions for identifying sharp moves and avoiding betting against the house at the same time. The app helps by highlighting Vegas percentages to its users.

It is important to note that this tool can be used very easily and there are even tutorials available for making it more convenient for the users to have a clear understanding of how line reversals work.

The tool comes stacked with some of the most impressive and useful features. The different features of the line Reversals app can help users in winning big through the ZCode System. The tool has been integrated comprehensively with ZCode System and it includes:

  • No extra expenditures. It is available free of charge with the VIP membership of ZCode System.
  • Real time odds and charts- everything is live and is available without any delays.
  • Automated updates- there is no need to refresh
  • No middlemen- the users get odds from the bookies directly.
  • Odds are available in two different formats and they are handy for both EU and US members.
  • The app comes with one click functionality that the users can use if they want to switch from one game to another. This feature helps in saving the time spent on navigation. It also enables the users to check the game lines of the past.
  • Users of this app get the flexibility of viewing public percentages and ticket information on charts. They simply need to click on the option that says “Show All” for getting a clear picture of available information regarding a match or a game with one single tool.
  • This is a straightforward application that clearly indicates the favorites and the underdogs in a game or a match.

Other Exclusive Features of the Line Reversals Tool

There are other exclusive features that make line reversals one of the best tools for betting enthusiasts and the features are as follows:

It features color codes that specify the movement of public cash. Take for example; the color red indicates excessively large amounts of public cash on one side. Orange, on the other hand, is also an indication of huge amounts of public money but not as huge as the one indicated by the red color.

This way the ZCode line reversals helps its users in betting on teams with run line, puck line or sp read against teams where huge amounts of public cash is on one side.

Public Popularity Rank or the ranking of all the games on a certain day.


Considering the exclusive and the innumerable features that the line Reversals tool comes with, it can rightly be said that it is your winning device for making good earnings from sports betting.


The ZCode Line Reversal app is a one of a kind tool that can help you in identifying sharp cash moves and thus help you in making bets and bring you good money.

The tool is updated on a regular basis for showing the freshest result when it comes to movements and odds during the day. Line Reversals is probably the only tool that offers complete coverage of some of the best games that betting enthusiasts are interested in.

When you’re competing against the best line setters in the world, you can use every tool to your advantage to gain an competitive edge. Sometimes, having an extra tool can separate you from the rest of the pack. Technology can be used in every aspect of our lives to make a profound difference.

If you had the change to make extra money each month, would you take advantage of that opportunity? As I said before, no tool is going to be a crystal ball and predict the outcome of each game. Nothing comes that easily.

You still have to do your research and due diligence if you want to be successful in sports betting. The line reversals tool is just something else you can add to your arsenal, combined with all of your knowledge that you have learned over the years.

It’s also great for beginners because it helps you understand the lines and how they will affect your picks.

You can learn more more about the full Zcode System by reading our review here.

I hope this review was helpful to you and good luck on your future picks! The time is now, so don’t wait!

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