NSE stock BANKBARODA Bank Of Baroda share price targets are below. These share price targets & forecast are valid for short-term, mid-term to long-term. If you just want tomorrows movements predictions for Bank Of Baroda then click here or Forecast then click here or Bank Of Baroda share price targets or view what Experts say about Bank Of Baroda

Stock listed under Banks

Top price targets Weekly price targets Monthly price targets Yearly price targets Intraday price targets

As on 30 Mon Aug 2021 Current price of Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA is 76.95 and trend of stock is towards downside and stock can be sold for price targets of 76.86, 73.55, 66.2, 69.26

Downside Target 66.2
Downside Target 73.55
Downside Target 76.86
Upside target 78.12
Upside target 78.36
Upside target 78.75
Upside target 81.17
Upside target 89.29

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA Opened at 74.95 & Closed at 76.95 and moved inside a range of 74.75-77.15

Closing is 3.22% which is 2.4 points from previous closing of 74.55

Bank Baroda BANKBARODA share price targets for August month are 77.65 on upside & 75.64 on downside


These share price targets given for Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA are very strong targets and levels, and are valid for immediate and current trading for the month of August 2021

Upside Price target 96.55
Upside Price target 94.20
Upside Price target 93.25
Upside Price target 92.75
Upside Price target 92.00
Upside Price target 88.10
Upside Price target 85.40
Upside Price target 77.65
Downside Price target 75.64
Downside Price target 74.26
Downside Price target 73.30
Downside Price target 72.77

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA share price target for year 2021


These are possible Bank Of Baroda share price targets. These share price targets are valid for Bank Of Baroda for 2021

First down price target 76.90First up price target 77.15
Second down price target 76.50Second up price target 77.50
Third down price target 74.75Third up price target 80.30
Fourth down price target 73.60Fourth up price target 81.50
Fifth down price target 72.50Fifth up price target 81.75
Sixth up price target 84.60
Seventh up price target 85.40

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA share price target tomorrow IntraDay


As on 30 Mon Aug 2021 Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA is trading at 76.95 and its nearest share price targets are 75.85 on downside and 78.25 on upside. Weekly share price targets Yearly share price targets Monthly share price targets Intraday share price targets All share price targets

First down price target 76.27First up price target 77.82
Second down price target 76.22Second up price target 78.68
Third down price target 75.42
Fourth down price target 75.38
Fifth down price target 75.18
Sixth down price target 73.88
Seventh down price target 73.48
Eight down price target 73.48
Ninth down price target 72.87
Tenth down price target 72.42

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA share price target | weekly targets


These are possible Bank Of Baroda weekly share price targets. The stock can touch or cross these levels during weekly trading sessions.

First down price target 76.53First up price target 77.17
Second down price target 73.38Second up price target 78.47
Third down price target 72.53Third up price target 78.52
Fourth down price target 71.25Fourth up price target 79.4
Fifth down price target 70.52Fifth up price target 80.93
Sixth down price target 68.35Sixth up price target 84.65
Seventh up price target 85.07
Eight up price target 85.23
Ninth up price target 87.07
Tenth up price target 89.18

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA share price target | monthly targets


These are possible Bank Of Baroda share price targets. The stock of Bank Of Baroda can try to reach, or even cross these levels in monthly sessions.

First down price target 75.73First up price target 79
Second down price target 75.52Second up price target 84.28
Third down price target 72.1Third up price target 86.03
Fourth down price target 71.17Fourth up price target 88.75
Fifth down price target 68.5Fifth up price target 90.85
Sixth down price target 59.87Sixth up price target 91.77
Seventh down price target 56.3Seventh up price target 95.8
Eight down price target 52.98Eight up price target 96.8

Bank Of Baroda BANKBARODA Recent prices


Date Close Open Range Volume
30 Mon Aug 202176.9574.9574.75
27 Fri Aug 202174.5574.0073.25
26 Thu Aug 202174.1075.1073.95
25 Wed Aug 202175.1075.9074.90
24 Tue Aug 202175.5073.3573.00


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